Hand, foot & finger print art

Footprint Fiffer Feffer Feff

My daughter has the gift of rhyme. Her Nana has become lovingly referred to as Nana Banana and I am affectionately known as Mama Drama. Maybe she inherits this from the poet in me or perhaps she gets it from her love for Dr. Seuss.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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  Her favorite Dr. Seuss books over the past couple of weeks have been ‘The Lorax’ and ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ , but her constant favorite is Dr. Seuss’ ABC book. She knows this one by heart and can read it over & over again and her favorite Seuss creature in it is the Fiffer Feffer Feff.

I have been doing footprint crafts with my daughter’s feet since she was a newborn. I have keepsake after keepsake of her adorable little feet, which my daughter refers to as her stinky feet crafts”  Sometimes she even paints mine and and makes crafts out of my feet.


Last night, we made a stinky foot craft of her favorite Dr. Seuss character to put in her reading area.

We dipped her foot in orange paint & pressed it onto a green background because that is how it is in the book.

IMG_5563  IMG_5564 

We painted in the furry collar & hands with yellow paint.


We drew in the face & added spiky hair to the sides & top of his head and finished it off by gluing 4 feathers to the top of his head.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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New Year’s Hand Print Craft

hand print hand clappers - An easy New Years craft. My daughter loved cutting the confetti

It seems as if the holidays fly by quicker & quicker each year. Next week is Christmas & then the following week we will be ringing in the new year. Not long after we clean up our New Year’s confetti, we will be celebrating another birthday for our little girl. She turns 4 in a few weeks & I cannot believe how quickly she has grown.

I would love to be able to keep her small forever. I know that this will not happen, but I can at least preserve some of her tiny cuteness while I still can. This is why I love hand & footprint crafts. It is fun to compare each new print with older ones just to see how much she has grown.

With 2016 fast approaching, I wanted to make a holiday keepsake to kick off the new year.

New Year’s Hand Print Craft

This was a simple and fun project.

Trace your child’s hand or have them trace their own.


Cut out a few different colored hands using the tracing.


Fan the hands out & glue them together. Cut out a handle for your hand clapper & glue underneath the hands.


Cut out confetti & streamers or let your child if they are able to use scissors. We have been working on our cutting skills a lot lately, so Mai couldn’t wait to help me cut the confetti.

IMG_2858 IMG_2851

Glue the confetti & streamers into place.

Don’t forget to label your clappers with your child’s name & the date.

hand print hand clappers - An easy New Years craft. My daughter loved cutting the confetti,

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

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A Partridge In A Pear Tree Craft

A Partridge In A Pear Tree Footprint Craft for Christmas

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This week has been a fun holiday filled week. We snuggled up every night & watched a different Christmas movie and yesterday went to the library to pick out holiday books. When we got home we read our new books and listened to Christmas carols.

We got to listen to one of my favorite carols, which is ‘the 12 Days of Christmas’ This is a holiday song my daughter doesn’t know very well yet. She listened to me sing & asked “What’s a partridge?” I told her it was a bird. “I can make that” she told me. I asked her if she wanted to make the partridge & the pear tree. She did, of course.

Since we are still living with our little friend Ashley while our house is in the final stages of construction, Ashley joined us for holiday crafts.

As I told you before, my daughter is very into cutting these days. She will take every opportunity that she can to use her scissors. She wanted to make the pear trees out of cut paper, so she cut green & red construction paper into little pieces, while Ashley & I tore some.

IMG_2392 IMG_2391

I cut out trunks for everyone out of brown construction paper & I cut out a big blue circle as a back drop & a guide for placing the pieces of paper.


I gave the kids glue sticks & let them glue away.

IMG_2395 IMG_2410


I cut out small pear shapes for them as well & they added them to their trees. They drew their own partridges with markers.

IMG_2415 IMG_2418

For my tree, I decided that I was going to make a footprint partridge.

I painted both girl’s feet in blue & pressed them onto a piece of paper.


I proceeded to turn them both into partridges.


I cut around the partridges & added them to my trees.

A partridge in a pear tree footprint craft for CHristmas

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Footprint Elf On The Shelf

Footprint Elf On the Shelf - A cute keepsake for the kids for Christmas - holiday arts and crafts

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It is that time of year again. It is time to break out the Christmas decorations, send out your Christmas cards and put on your favorite carols. It is also time to bring that sneaky little elf out of hiding. We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year when we thought Mai was old enough to enjoy him. This year unfortunately, poor little Koontz (the name Mai picked for him) is locked away in storage waiting for our house to be finished.

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50+ Cute & Creative Footprint Crafts

50+ Cute & Creative Kid's Footprint Crafts

Footprint Crafts are my favorite. I have a box full of my daughter’s footprints throughout her life and have many in frames as artwork for her playroom. These are wonderful keepsakes that I will have forever or until I pass them down to her.

Here are some of my favorites.


Footprint Grasshopper


Footprint Dachshund


Footprint Squirrel

Footprint Squirrel

A-Z Footprint Animal Crafts



Footprint Charlie Brown 

Footprint Charlie Brown Craft - Peanuts

Footprint Lucy

"The Peanuts" Lucy Footprint Craft

Footprint Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train Footprint Craft

Dr. Seuss Inspired Footprint Craft


‘Home Inspired’ OH Footprint Craft



New England Patriots Footprint


Footprint Trophy

Footprint Trophy For Daddy Craft


Footprint Bowling

Footprint Bowling Pins - Cute footprint craft - would make a great gift for the bowler in your life.


Footprint Scooter

Footprint Scooter

Footprint Xylophone

Footprint Xylophone Craft


Hand & Footprint Earth


Footprint Haunted House

Foot print haunted house craft for Halloween

Hand & Footprint Turkey

Hand & Footprint turkey for Thanksgiving

Footprint Gingerbread Men



Footprint Gumball Machine

Footprint Gumball Machine Craft kids foot art

Footprint Ice Cream Sundae

Footprint Ice Cream Sundae


Famous Works of Art Inspired Footprints


 Footprint Volcano


Footprint T-Rex

Footprint T-Rex

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Footprint Works Of Art

Footprint art inspired by famous works of art

Over the past couple of months, I have been enjoying recreating famous paintings with the use of my daughter’s footprints. It all started because I wanted to make a black cat craft for Halloween. The cat reminded me of the famous poster art “Le Chat Noir”.

Le Chat Noir Inspire Footprint Craft

From that one footprint craft, I could not stop. I felt inspired to turn my daughter’s little feet into great works of art.


Next we moved on to Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’

This one had my daughter puzzled. “Why is he screaming so much, mama?”

I am not quite sure.


‘The Son Of Man’ aka The Man in the Bowler Hat by René Magritte always reminds me of the movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

More questions…”Why does he have an apple on his face?”


James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1’, more commonly known as Whistler’s Mother was a fun one to make.


‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh fascinated my daughter. She watched me paint in the swirls and asked if she could make a ‘Starry Night’ too. She has since made her own recreations several times.


I added two more to my collection this weekend.

On Saturday, I made a footprint art inspired by Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Old Guitarist’.

Footprint art inspired by The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso

My husband really liked this one. I was pretty excited at how it came out too. I only needed 3 colors for this one, so it was less messy than my others.


Last but not least, was my toughest challenge. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but tackling a Seurat inspired ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’, was a bit more than I bargained for. It is no wonder it took Seurat 2 years to paint his masterpiece. My much much much smaller footprint version was no Sunday afternoon walk in the park, but we finished it. Phew!! Can you even spot the footprint in all of those spots?


These were all a ton of fun to make & I cannot wait to display my daughter’s feet throughout the house.

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These recreations of famous art are made out of my daughter's footprint