Ice Cream Cone Potato Stamps


This has been an amazing few days. There is still snow in my front yard despite the fact that we have had two warm days in a row, but I don’t even mind. It is almost gone & the nice weather is here. It felt great to get outside. Sunday we spent the day at the park with My daughter’s best little boy friends & yesterday we hit our local drive in for hamburgers & ice cream. She was so happy to get her ice cream cone. Her face said it all. She savored every last messy bite.

Ice Cream Cone Potato Stamping

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She didn’t want to go home. I bribed her with the promise of a project when we got home. “Can we make an ice cream project?” Sure can. It was getting late so I wanted something quick & easy before we needed to wind down for the evening. Luck would have it that I had one sprouting potato left that I was saving to make potato stamps with.

I cut about 1/3 of the potato off of the end. (Be sure to cut the potato straight & smooth so that it lies flat when stamping. This will leave a better pressed shape.)

On the smaller end, I carved out wavy shapes along one side as shown.



I cut the larger end into a triangle holding the potato the long way. Using the edge of the knife, I scraped hash marks across the potato to form a waffle look.


Pour paint onto a flat surface & dip the cone triangular potato into it & press firmly onto a piece of paper to form your cone.

IMG_0847 IMG_0849


Using the other stamp, press on your ice cream scoops. You may wipe off between stamping scoops to change colors or just dip & let the colors bleed together. Mai was very proud of her ice cream cone. “Look mama, I made lots of scoops.”



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