Paper Plate Carousel

Paper Plate Carousel -


Paper Plate Carousel

What you will need:

2 Paper plates

Paper bowl

Paper towel roll

Construction paper

4 Wooden sticks, straws or any straight rigid object

A piece of egg carton

Acrylic paint

Glue gun




Draw a circle in the center of both paper plates & the paper bowl & then cut it out.

IMG_0865 IMG_0866

Cut the outside edge off of one of the paper plates.


Draw the outline of a horse. Cut out the outline & use it as a template to cut out 7 more. Cut 2 of each color for a total of 8.


Paint all the paper plate & bowl pieces on the back side & the paper towel roll. Let all pieces dry. Trim the paper towel roll. We took about 1/3 of the roll off.

IMG_0873 IMG_0875

Slide the full-sized paper plate onto the bottom of the paper towel roll with the bottom side facing up. Squeeze a bead of glue around where the paper towel roll & plate meet.


Glue the cut plate over the top.


Place the paper bowl over the top of the paper towel roll until flush & squeeze a bead of glue around the two to secure into place. Measure your sticks from the base of your project to the bottom of the bowl. With a glue gun dab a circle of glue onto the cut plate. Let cool for a minute or two & insert the stick into the glue & hold in place until the glue hardens. Do this for the other 3 sticks.


Squeeze glue on the underside of the bowl & place the bowl over the sticks & hold in place.


Grab 2 matching horse cutouts & glue the back half together. Wrap the open part around the stick & glue the opposite end together until it is secured. Do this with the rest of the cut-outs.


Glue an egg carton piece to the top opening over the paper bowl & paper towel roll.

Paper Plate Carousel -


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