The Mommy Wars (A Poem)

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“So you are just a stay at home mom?” “Are you ever going back to work?”

Questions that are meant as accusations are asked with a judging smirk


“Working mom” is uttered as if it were a dirty phrase

What kind of mother would leave their child at this early stage?


A mother nursing in public makes people turn away their heads

While others look in disgust at a baby that is formula fed


Dr. Spock, The Ferber Method or channeling Dr. Sears

Women trying all they can to get through these formidable years


Courage of the keyboard comes out at home at night

With social media perpetuating the mommy wars fight


From disciplining your child to what you’re serving on their plate

The opinions flung out towards you, are full of judgment & of hate


Mother against mother, each thinking they are better than the rest

Just because it is your way does not mean that it’s the best.


You raise your child your way & I will raise my child mine

When it is all said & done, I bet they’ll both turn out just fine



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    1. I actually wrote this because I just got caught in the middle of one of these wars. I was shocked at the things that fellow mommies were saying to one another.

  1. Your last phrase really sums it up perfectly. What we each do for our own children is our own right and our own business. Why does it matter what other people are doing? Let everyone raise their own! Boo hiss to judging!

  2. I don’t even know how this ‘war’started. I believe all moms do the best they can. Whether you are a SAHM or a working mom, both are hard work! Plus who has time to watch what the next parent is doing? I’m personally overwhelmed trying to take care of my own family! Like the poem!

  3. So silly to even go there with the judging, isn’t it? We’re all doing our best and our kids are feeling very loved, that’s what really matters.

  4. Love this poem, and it is oh-so true and spot on. The level of judging amongst parents is crazy, and I can’t believe when some feel its their duty to give “good advice” to complete strangers with that ‘judgy’ smirk that you mention. I LOVE the last lines!

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