Canvas Drum Painting

This is a fun and messy piece of process art that the kids will love. Turn up the music and then drum and splatter and paint away.

We have once again gotten hit by another few days of cold and nasty weather. It has been sleeting and snowing and we have been stuck home, so we were looking for some rainy day fun. We built forts, made things with Legos and played with our toy instruments. The banging of my daughter’s drum gave me an idea. Rainy days are perfect for a little bit of messy fun and this canvas drum painting fits the description of both messy and fun.
Canvas Drum Painting. This is a fun and messy piece of process art that the kids will love. Great for preschoolers and fun for adults too.

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First, we laid out a lot of newspaper to protect our table and floor from the paint splatter.

Then we gathered our supplies. All you will need is canvas, acrylic or tempura paint, jumbo craft sticks and some music.

My five year old is a classic rock girl. I love that about her. One of her favorite songs is Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling’, so that is the first song that we started with.

We both squeezed some paint on our canvases and then I turned on the music. We picked up our craft sticks and used them as drumsticks and pounded away on our canvases to the beat of the music.

My daughter used her sticks to drum and she also spread out her paint making circles and scraping.

She worked on one color at a time. Drumming on top of each new color. We moved on to songs from the Trolls soundtrack, which work great too because of their bouncy beats.

After a bit, she ditched the sticks and began drumming with her hands. She loves painting her hands.

We shared a lot of giggles while making our musical art masterpieces. These were a ton of fun to make together. I have a feeling we will be making these again.

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