Watering Can Summer Craft

Watering Can Summer Craft - Made with recycled products

It is May. The warm weather is bringing thoughts of summer & summer crafting. I love the colors of summer. I love the fruit, sunshine, flowers & all things outdoors. I have been on a watering can kick lately, which was the inspiration for our bright & sunny craft.

Watering Can Craft

What you will need:

Paper towel paper roll

Tissue paper box




Green pipe cleaner

Acrylic paint


Cut a hole big enough to fit a paper towel roll into one of the sides of the tissue box.


Paint the paper towel paper roll & tissue box & let dry.

IMG_2119  IMG_2342

Draw the outline of your handle onto a piece of cardboard. Paint it & let it dry.


Push the paper towel roll into the tissue box on a slant. Trim the roll to the desired length for your spout.


Use a hot glue gun to glue the handle in place (Let the adults operate the glue gun)IMG_2346

Decorate your watering can. You may do this however you like, but this is how we did ours.

Glue green pipe cleaners in place to form the stems & leaves. Glue buttons above the stems to form flower petals.


Cut out a piece of construction paper & dot with black marker.


Glue to the end of the spout.


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Watering Can Summer Craft - Made with recycled products

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