Pastel & Watercolor Dandelion

We are back with another pastel and watercolor art project. Dandelions may give me the sneezes, but they are just so light, fluffy, pretty and also the inspiration for our latest project. This pastel and watercolor dandelion is perfect for the kiddos and for the adults. If you are looking for a quick and simple art project for the spring or summer, this is it.

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Supplies for the pastel & watercolor dandelion:

Watercolor Paper

Oil Pastels


Draw an oval using a brown oil pastel somewhere around the center to 2/3 of the way up on a piece of watercolor paper. Color in the circle with a white pastel.

Blend the pastel using your finger. It will soften the lines of the pastels and smudge the the colors together for a more natural look.

Draw lines out in all directions starting from the center of the white oval. Your lines should form a circle around the oval. Add shorter, fuller lines around the outer edge of your circle to create a fluffier look around the outside of your dandelion.

Add a stem with a green pastel. Smudge it lightly with your finger.

Use watercolors to paint in a circular pattern from around the oval to the outer edge of the paper.

Let the paint dry and wipe off any pastel crumbles.

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