Paper Plate Parasols

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Paper Plate Parasol


Like most children, my daughter is very inquisitive. She asks a million questions & when I answer, she has a million questions more about my answer. We were reading a story recently and a girl was holding a parasol. “Mama, why is that girl holding an umbrella? It’s not raining.” It is called a parasol.  “What’s a parasol?” I explained to her what it was and answered a few more questions in the process & told her that we would make some pretty parasols.

Paper Plate Parasols

What you will need:

Paper Plate


Craft Sticks

Wooden skewer – Adults should supervise. I blunted the end of our sticks for safety.

Craft pom poms

Sharpie or markers

Glue gun – For adult use.


Paint the bottom side of the paper plate & let dry.


With a Sharpie draw in some flowers or another design.



Paint your design & let dry.


Poke a hole in the center of the plate.


Poke a wooden skewer through the plate so that about a 1/4″ sticks out the top. Glue a pom pom over the 1/4″ portion. Glue 6 craft sticks around the unpainted end of the plate. Let the glue dry.


Mai barely let the glue dry before grabbing her parasol. She strutted around the house twirling it over her head.

IMG_3715 Paper Plate Parasol

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