Paper Plate Snowman Skier Craft

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A couple of days ago we made a paper plate ice skating craft. It was a huge hit with our audience, but an even bigger hit with my little girl. She couldn’t get enough of it. She loved making the skater move around the “ice”(paper plate). Almost as soon as we finished making it, she said “I know what we can do next. We need to make a skiing craft.” She was so excited about this that she could not wait, so together we brainstormed and came up with this adorable snowman skier. Paper plate snowman skier. Interactive arts and crafts project for the kids for the winter.

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Acrylic paint

Construction paper

Craft sticks

Pipe cleaner

Wooden skewer

Glue stick

Low temp glue gun or tacky glue

Craft razor



Draw a ski slope on a paper plate.

Paint the section above the line. Paint it a solid backdrop or paint a scene. Set it aside to dry.

Paint two craft sticks in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry.

Start on your snowman while your paint is drying. Cut out a snowman shape.

Cut out a hat and a scarf for your snowman and then glue them to your snowman with a glue stick. Draw in or cut out embellishments for your hat and scarf if you like.

Cut out a carrot nose and glue it on. Use a marker to draw in the coal eyes, mouth and buttons.

Cut along the line that you drew on your paper plate, but do not cut all the way to the end on either side. Leave about an inch or so on each end. (This part should be done by an adult)

Use a pair of scissors to trim the slit in the plate a bit wider for easier sliding movements.

Glue one painted glue stick behind the bottom of your snowman and another one in the bottom front. Leave a little bit of space in between sticks.

Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and fold the pipe cleaner at the end to form two fingers. Glue the arm portion down with a low temp glue gun or tacky glue, but leave the fingers loose.  (Use caution when using a glue gun. Adult assistance and/or supervision is required.)

Cut a skewer to form a ski pole and put it into the pipe cleaner hand.

Flip the snowman over and glue half of a craft stick up the middle of the snowman.

Insert the craft stick into the slit in the plate and use the stick to slide your skier up and down along the slope.

Paper plate snowman skier. Interactive arts and crafts project for the kids for the winter.

My daughter shows off her crafting skills too.

She was very proud of her idea and loved watching her snowman skiing the slopes.

Paper plate snowman skier. Interactive arts and crafts project for the kids for the winter.

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