Cupcake Liner Sea Shells

Cupcake Liner Sea Shells


We have bins & bins of crafting supplies in our house. There are some days that my daughter likes to pull out all the pom poms, craft sticks & pipe cleaners and just play with them.  A couple of night ago she pulled out mini cupcake liners & said “Mama, I want to make sea shells. I want to put googly eyes on them & make them mouths with the pipe cleaners.” OK! I showed her how to make sea shells out of cupcake liners a little while back & she remembered, but she wanted to make them again with happy faces.

I am always excited when she initiates a craft. She helped me gather all of the supplies & we got to work.

Fold a liner in half to form the top half of your shell & then fold into fourths for the bottom portion. Glue into place.


Glue on googly eyes & cut sections of pipe cleaner for the smile.

IMG_3646 IMG_3647

We cut a bucket out of construction paper & glued it to a piece of paper & colored in our backdrop in crayon. Mai made two sea shells & put them side by side. “Mama, look they are getting married. My shell needs a dress.”

Those two do make a cute couple.


I made some happy shells too.


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