Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask


We ate at Wendy’s this weekend for dinner. My daughter got a kid’s meal. It came with little cut-outs from Dreamwork’s Dragons. My daughter was so excited about this. “Mama, what is this dragon’s name?” She asked me this with each character that she picked up. She played with these until bedtime. Right before she fell off to sleep, she asked me if we could make a dragon craft the next day. She woke in the morning still wanting to make her dragons, so of course dragons are what we made.

Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask 

What you will need:

Paper plate

Solo cup

Tissue paper in red, yellow & orange

Acrylic paint

Googly eyes

Construction paper




Cut the bottom of the cup off & trim any jagged edges.


Outline the cup onto the bottom portion of the paper plate & cut out the circle.


Paint the plate in the colors of your dragon & let dry.


Cut out shapes for the dragon’s horns & head fins.



Cut out strips of the tissue paper to form the fire.


Tape the tissue strips into the cup with the strips sticking out of the cut end.


Put the cup through the hole in the plate & glue it in place. Add googly eyes & a craft stick for the mask handle.


Place the mask up to your face & blow through the cup to blow your fire.

IMG_5414  IMG_5431

This is fun for little kids & big kids alike.


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