Hey Diddle Diddle Paper Plate Craft

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Hey Diddle Diddle Nursery Rhyme Craft - Paper Plate Kid's Craft - The dish ran away with the spoon

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My daughter loves her bedtime stories. She goes through phases each week of which book is her favorite. This week her favorites are the new Dr. Seuss book ‘Which Pet Should I Get‘ & ‘My Little Mother Goose‘.


‘My Little Mother Goose’ is filled with all of the classic nursery rhymes that I knew as a child.  Hey Diddle Diddle is one that we love in particular.


My daughter was very excited to make a craft of one of her favorite nursery rhymes.

The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon Paper Plate Craft

Mai wanted to make sure that the dish & spoon were the same as the dish and spoon illustrated in the book, right down to the bow on the spoon.

What you will need:

Paper plates

Acrylic paint (Pink & purple)

Pipe cleaners

Googly eyes (Big & medium)

School glue & a hot glue gun (Use caution when operating a hot glue gun. Adult use is recommended.)

Purple Ribbon


Paint a paper plate in the pink & let it dry.


Cut a spoon shape out of another plate & paint it purple & let it dry.


Glue large googly eyes to the plate.


Paint a ring around the plate.


Paint the rest of the face onto the plate.


Paint a face & add googly eyes onto the spoon as well. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the spoon’s neck.


Cut 2 pipe cleaners in half & glue the pieces to the back of the plate to form arms & legs. You will only need one pipe cleaner for the spoon, cut into quarters.


My daughter did a beautiful job & already requested to do the cow jumping over the moon for the next time.


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