Paper Plate Cloud Guy Craft

If your kids are Trolls fan, you have to try this cute and funny paper plate craft inspired by Cloud Guy.

We bought the movie Trolls last week. Since we bought it, we have watched it three or four times. My daughter loves those adorable Trolls, but our favorite character is by far the cloud. His part is a small one, but it is memorable.  She loves him so much, that a Cloud Guy craft was a must.

Paper Plate Craft inspired by Cloud Guy character from the Dreamworks movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

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The “Cloud Guy” looked like a simple enough character to make, so I wanted to make one with my daughter.

What you will need:

Paper plate or card stock

Cotton balls

Purple pipe cleaners

Construction paper

Crayons or magic markers

School glue or a glue gun


Cut a paper plate or white card stock into a cloud shape.

Bend a purple pipe cleaner in half and tape or glue to the back bottom center of the paper plate to form the legs.

Draw a pair of socks onto a piece of white paper and cut them out. Cut one sock shorter than the other.

Draw two red stripes on the top of each sock.

Use school glue or a glue gun to glue the socks to the bottom of the pipe cleaner legs. We used a glue gun for faster drying.

Spread school glue onto the cloud shape and cover it with cotton balls.

Draw and cut a crescent shape out of black construction paper for the mouth.

Cut two half circles out white construction paper and then cut out two smaller half circles out of the white as well. Glue these to the mouth to form teeth.

Draw and cut a circle and an oval out of white construction paper to form the whites of the eyes.

Cut two half circles out of pink construction paper for the eye lids and use school glue or a glue stick to glue over half of the white of the eyes. Use a black crayon or marker to draw a small half circle under the eyelids for the eyeballs. Glue the eyes and mouth over the cotton ball covered cloud.

Fold a purple pipe cleaner in half and then fold it in half again.

Cut the loop to form four pipe cleaner fingers. Repeat this with another pipe cleaner.

Cut another pipe cleaner in half and and glue the each set of fingers to the end of each pipe cleaner half.

Glue the pipe cleaner arms and hands to either side of the cloud to finish it off.

Paper Plate Craft inspired by Cloud Guy from the Dreamworks movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

My daughter is so happy with our craft. We hung it up in her playroom and she giggles every time that she looks at it.

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