Paper Plate Winter Crafts

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Paper plate winter scene silhouettes - winter crafts for kids

Most of our crafts are inspired by random things that we encounter in our everyday life. Both crafts that we made yesterday were inspired by objects that I saw in my aunt’s home where we are staying during our house build. We are currently residing in her finished cellar. Yesterday, I was trying to clean up and organize some of the stuff that we brought with us. As I was trying to find a home for all of our things, I came across a fake poinsettia. It was soft & glittery and pretty and the perfect subject for a craft.

Paper Plate Poinsettia

What you will need:

A paper plate

Red paint

Red & green construction paper



Yellow pom poms

A black marker


Paint the paper plate in red & let dry.


Cut the poinsettia petals out of red construction paper. Cut out 6 large & 6 smaller ones. Also, cut out green leaves.


Cut out a yellow circle & glue it to the center of your plate.


Glue the 6 large ones around the place first. Try to leave the middle as untouched as possible.


Glue the smaller ones between or on top of the larger petals & then add glue, glitter & pom poms to the yellow construction paper.


Glue the leaves on & draw in the petal veins for the smaller petals.


Paper Plate Poinsettia Craft For Kids For Christmas

Our next craft was inspired by a decoration in my aunt’s house. It was just a simple winter scene made with silhouettes.

This was a quick & easy one.

Just paint the center of the paper plate blue. Leave the outer ridged edge white.


Cut simple silhouettes out of white paper such as a snowman, Christmas tree or make a small snowflake.

Glue the silhouettes on so that they are both on the painted & unpainted portions of the plate.

Voila, one quick, easy & pretty winter craft.

Paper plate winter scene silhouettes - winter crafts for kids

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