Egyptian Pyramid Craft

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - EgyptA funny thing happened the other night. My husband was watching a documentary on TV about the pyramids. Our 4 year old daughter climbed up on the couch and sat with him to see what he was watching and almost immediately became fascinated by it. She was mesmerized. She asked question after question and was repeating some of the information that she just learned in amazement. When we went to the library yesterday, she asked that we find her a book on the pyramids, which we did. Her fascination continued. “Mama, I want to go to Egypt.” Me too!  I don’t think a trip to Egypt is in our immediate future, but we can continue to explore more on the great pyramids and have a little bit of inspired craft fun while we learn.


We made our own simple pyramids with some construction paper & paint. We cut a large triangle out of yellow construction paper.


We cut the triangle into strips.


We brushed paint over each of the strips with a bronze colored paint.


We set the strips aside to dry.


Using a glue stick we glued all of the pieces to a piece of 12″x 12″ blue scrapbook paper, just like we were putting back together a puzzle.


My daughter wanted her strips spaced out, while I pieced mine together tightly.



After all of the pieces are in place. We used cotton balls to form clouds.

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - Egypt.

Our pyramids were fun to make. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see them up close & in person some day, but until then we are having fun learning about them.

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - Egypt,,

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