Paper Plate Miss Spider Craft

Miss Spider's Tea Party Inspired Paper Plate Craft For Kids

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Lately, we have been reading a larger than usual amount of books. My daughter has a lot of new books that she wants us to read together and then of course all of her old favorites that she still wants to hear every day. One of those favorites is Miss Spider’s Tea Party. We read it almost every day.


As we were reading a few nights ago, my daughter asked if we could make our own Miss Spider, so yesterday, that is what we did.

What you will need:

Paper plate

Paper bowl

Yellow paint

Black, yellow & red construction paper

Black pipe cleaners

Green googly eyes




Paint the paper plate & bowl in yellow.


Dab yellow paint onto 8 black pipe cleaners.


Cut out spots & a jagged stripe for Miss Spider’s back out of black construction paper & cut her hair out of red.

IMG_3805 IMG_3804

Glue the spots & stripe on the paper plate.

 IMG_3807 IMG_3810

Cut a triangular nose out of yellow construction paper. Glue the hair, nose & googly eyes to the bowl. Draw on a smiley face & eyelashes.


Mai pointed out that Miss Spider also has white freckles on her face & she grabbed a white marker to add those on too.

 IMG_3822 IMG_3820

Glue the pipe cleaners in place for legs. I used a glue gun for the legs. (Operate caution when using a glue gun. Not recommended for small children.) Glue the paper bowl head to the paper plate body. Mai wanted hers to look like Miss Spider on the cover & I chose to make mine like one of the illustrations inside the book.


My daughter also reminded me that Miss Spider needed a cup of tea, so we cut 2 cups of tea out of construction paper too. Mai was so excited about her finished Miss Spider.

IMG_3823 IMG_3868

Paper Plate Kid's Craft inspired by Miss Spider's Tea Party

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  1. Love this and absolutely perfect craft for the book. My girls also loved this book when they were a bit younger and could see them having fun trying this craft way back when, as well! 🙂

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