Build A Necklace Activity

Jewelry craft activity - Make a necklace & earrings out of craft gems . Kid's arts & crafts

It thrills me that my daughter did not fall very far from the ol’ tree. She is so much like me in her love for arts & crafts and it is wonderful that it is something that we are able to do together. I love her creativity. It is wonderful to watch her work. The other day she was crafting on her own & grabbed some glitter and gemstones. When she was done, she handed me her finished project and told her that she had made it for me. It was so pretty & sparkly.


She explained that it was two dolphins in love under a sunset. Awwww. It was so sweet. I put it on my nightstand, but when I picked it up to look at it again in the morning, I held it in the other direction and it looked like something different to me.


It gave me an idea for a quick activity that I thought she might like. I quickly cut out a paper bust and glued it to another piece of paper. I drew a ring around the neck with a magic marker & then some lines coming from the ears.

I gave my daughter the bag of gems and she placed the gems in place to form a necklace & earrings. You can choose to add hair and a face too, but for us, we just kept building jewelry.

Jewelry craft - make a necklace & earrings - kid's arts & craft activities

This was a quick and easy activity to set up and it was perfect for my little girly girl.

Jewelry craft - make a necklace & earrings - kid's arts & craft activities.

Jewelry craft - make a necklace & earrings - kid's arts & craft activities,

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