Bark Tribal Masks

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Recently, we played around with painting on texture and painted on bark from our wood pile.  We enjoyed painting the bark. Our finished bark had a very tribal look to it. It was cool and they reminded me of tribal masks. Since that day, I have wanted to try to make tribal masks using bark and paint. It took a few weeks to get to, but we finally had an opportunity and a couple of good pieces of bark to work with.
Bark tribal mask craft for kids. Painted nature arts ans crafts.

What you will need:

A clean piece of bark

Acrylic paint

Leaves, flowers, berries etc

Low temp glue gun

Before we started, I rinsed the pieces of bark off and set them aside to dry.

We used a low temperature glue gun to glue nature items onto our bark to form parts of the face.

My daughter is very comfortable with a glue gun and uses them often, but that does not mean that every child is. Please always use caution when operating a glue gun. You can try tacky glue or school if you feel more comfortable, but it may be trickier and you may have to weigh down your glued pieces if they don’t stick to the bark the way that you would like.

We both glued down a rhododendron leaf to form the mouth.

My daughter chose to paint her bark in silver because her mask was going to be a “robot tribal mask”.

My daughter added blue hair and red warrior stripes to his cheeks. She put pink dots on the lips, but left out the nose because as she explained to me noses aren’t pretty. That cracked me up. She tried to give him black eyes, but they did not show up very well, so we used leaves to give him blue eyes.

Her robot tribal mask came out fierce. I loved how these came out and as always I had fun talking and laughing with my little girl while we made our projects together.

Bark tribal mask craft for kids. Painted nature arts ans crafts.

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Bark tribal mask craft for kids. Painted nature arts ans crafts.


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