Painting Bark Process Art

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Nature and all of its different textures make a great paint canvas. Painting bark is a wonderful way to have some process art fun.

I love finding canvases in unusual places. My daughter and I will paint on just about anything, so when my husband brought in a big box of bark to use as kindling for a fire this weekend, we jumped all over it. Painting on nature is a favorite of ours because you can find such a variety of textures. We have painted on flowersWe have painted on rocks. We have painted on leaves, acorns, pine cones and sticks, but painting bark was a first for us.Painting bark process art. Painting on nature and texture. Kid's arts

My daughter and I dug through the large box and found a couple of nice pieces of bark. I quickly rinsed them off with water to remove any dirt or excess debris and then set them aside to dry.

My daughter selected the acrylic paint colors for our project. She squeezed the paints onto a paper plate and eagerly dove in and began painting.

As usual, she had a plan in mind. She explained that this piece of bark looked like daddy and she was going to paint her piece of bark to look like him. How sweet is that? My husband is tall and lean, so I can see it.

He had blue facial features and blond hair. She also painted him a pair of purple pants and a white t-shirt.

She was pretty excited about the end result and she quickly grabbed my camera and took pictures of our creations. It looked pretty cool, sort of like a daddy tribal mask. We will have to find a place to hang it.

I painted a piece of bark too. Here was my colorful creation. My little girl said that it looked like an American flag. What do you think?

The bark offered a great textured canvas for our artwork. We painted some lovely fairy houses on rocks last year for our flower garden. I bet that we could create something fascinating on the bark to add to one of our gardens.

Painting on bark process art. Painting on nature and texture. Kid's arts

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Painting on bark process art. Painting on nature and texture. Kid's arts


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