Shopkins Inspired Paper Plate Mask

My daughter loves the Shopkins. We have a bunch of those little Shopkins baskets and characters all around our house. My daughter loves all of those little characters. *This post contains affiliate links* What she also loves are masks, more specifically paper plate masks. I have made her many over the past couple of years […]

‘Home’ Inspired Paper Plate Masks

*Contains affiliate links* Last weekend we took a mini vacation to the beach with some family friends. We had a great time & made some wonderful family memories. The drive to the beach was long though & the drive home seemed even longer. Mai’s uncle downloaded her a movie on the Ipad before we left […]

‘Inside Out’ Paper Plate Masks

*Contains affiliate links* Yesterday we took our daughter to the movies to see ‘Inside Out’. She had been asking us to go all week & finally broke us down. She was so excited all morning & could hardly wait until we got there. I knew that our daughter would love it, but I had heard mixed […]

An Old ELf, A New Elf & A Crafty Elf

For somebody that was as eager for the holiday season to begin as I was, I was a little behind in putting up our Christmas decorations.  It had been a busy few weeks, but we finally found an evening to put up our Christmas tree. The first year that my husband & I started dating […]