Van Gogh Inspired Fork Scrape Painting

Over the last month or so, my 5 year old has become fascinated with famous artists. We stumbled across a few wonderful books at the library about DaVinci, Matisse, Picasso and Van Gogh. The more that she learns about them, the more she wants to know. Her new goal in life is to become a great artist and have her work on display in a museum. Van Gogh inspired fork scrape painted The Starry Night . Art and painting projects for kids. Famous artist inspired arts and crafts

She also, of course, loves their artwork. We had done many Picasso inspired cubism projects and she recently made this adorable Mona Lisa inspired picture.
Use a picture of your child's face and draw around it for a Mona Lisa inspired artwork. Arts and crafts inspired by famous artists - DaVinciHer latest obsession is Van Gogh. My daughter really wanted to try to paint The Starry Night together, so that was our latest project. With all of its circles and swirls, The Starry Night is a fun subject to try to paint.

I found an image of the painting and propped it up for us to look at. There is no one way to be inspired. You can paint the full painting or focus on one portion or you can do what my daughter did and switch gears while painting and add elements of your own. Paint what you feel and it will always be right.

My daughter chose a piece of blue paper as her canvas. She began by painting the mysterious black structure from the artwork. As she painted, she used a fork to scrape lines into it.

Even though her paper was blue, she painted her background in more blue. This actually worked out nicely for a subtle blue on blue blend when she scraped in a few swirls.

She painted in a moon and some stars and then announced that she was going to be making her own famous Starry Night.

My daughter then finished up her painting with elements of her own and turned it into her own masterpiece.

I stayed a bit more traditional. I painted the background first by painting my background in blue and the scraping and swirling in a different shade of blue, black and white.

Then I layered the swirls in the sky , the structure and the stars on top of the backdrop. I scraped those too.

I kept it simple and left out the village and just filled in the bottom with hills.

Scraping our paintings with the fork added a great effect.

Van Gogh inspired fork scrape painted Starry Night . Art and painting projects for kids. Famous artist inspired arts and crafts

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4 comments on “Van Gogh Inspired Fork Scrape Painting

      1. That’s brilliant. My daughter loves creating her own art but I’ve never succeeded in getting her interested in any famous artists. Maybe I’ll give this a go, it might work!

  1. SHe read a few library books that kicked it off. She love ‘Steal Back the Mona Lisa’ and then Emily’ Blue Period’ about Picasso. It all started from there and now we aren’t finding every kid’s art book that we can find at the library. She loves learning about them. I love it so much!!

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