Q-Tip Daisy Craft

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These Q-tip daisies are an adorable craft and are great for fine motor skills.

Cotton swabs are not just for your ears. We use them in art projects often. They are great to paint with. They are fun to craft with as well. We used bare Q-tips to make these simple daisies for the spring, but you could also dip the Q-tips in paint and create other colorful flower creations.
Q-tip Cotton swap daisies. Flower arts and crafts for kids. Great for summer or spring.

We started by cutting a handful of cotton swabs in half.

   My daughter and I both rolled a chunk of yellow play dough into a ball with our hands.

Once we formed our balls, we flatten them slightly between our palms.

I showed my daughter how to press the swab halves into the play dough around the outside to form the petals.

When she finished, she poked a green pipe cleaner into the side of her play dough to form her stem.

She put her flower in a vase and then made another daisy to go with it. She has a mock restaurant set-up in her playroom and used these in her restaurant for ambience.

My daughter kept her flowers loose, while I chose to press mine into a sheet of blue paper.

I trimmed a green pipe cleaner and then inserted it into the flower and glued the pipe cleaner down to the paper. I used the remaining piece of pipe cleaner to form a leaf and glued that to the paper too.

My daisy looked lonely, so I made one more daisy and added it to my picture.  These were very easy to make and great for letting those little fingers practice their fine motor skills.

Q-tip Cotton swap daisies. Flower arts and crafts for kids. Great for summer or spring.

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