Throwing Snowballs Mixed Media

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We got our first real snowfall this weekend. There is nothing like the first snow of the season. It is so magical. We had a great weekend playing in the snow. We made a snowman, of course, but the highlight of our weekend was the snowball fights. I had so much fun watching my little one winding up to throw a snowball at me. Our snowy adventure was the inspiration for this fun piece of mixed media.

Throwing snowballs craft or mixed media art with free printable template. Winter arts and crafts for kids. Snow crafts

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Supplies you might need:

Watercolor paper


Construction paper




Googly eyes

Split pin

Markers or gel pens



Printable Throwing Snowball Template


We painted a snowy background with watercolors on watercolor paper.

My daughter and I love salt on watercolors. The effect is wonderful. We sprinkled salt over our wet paint and watched its reaction.

The salt reaction leaves a soft snowy look. When the paint dried, we shook off the salt.

You can use our printable template or cut out shapes of your own.

We cut a shape out of newspaper for the upper body and painted it with watercolor.

While the paint dried on the newspaper, we cut out a leg and a boot out of construction paper and glued it to the background.  When the newspaper finished drying, we glued it above the leg.

The head is just a circle.  You can draw on a face, paint on some hair or use yarn. Add a hat and scarf if you want to or draw designs on your clothes if you like. Just have fun with it.

Next, it was time to add the throwing arm and mitten hand. I poked a hole through the top of the arm and through the upper body with a split pin. Poking the hole can be tricky. If you are having difficulty poking with the split pin, try a toothpick or skewer. An adult may want to do this part to avoid injury.

We made sure to leave plenty of room when securing the pin in the back. Let the top of the pin stick up a bit. Don’t secure it too close to the paper or you will lose your movement in the arm. We cut out a small circle for the snowball and glued it to the mitten and then glued some cotton to the bottom of the picture for our snowy ground.This is a fun and cute project and the kids will love winding the arm up. I know my daughter did.

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