Pastels and Watercolors Stained Glass

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We are back again with one of our favorite painting techniques, sugar painting. We cannot get enough of it. The beautiful glossy finish of the sugar and watercolors were perfect for making these stained glass art projects. This is a great idea for the holidays, but it is also fun to make all year round.Glossy sugar painted Pastels & Watercolors Stained Glass art project for kids. Kids arts and crafts. Beautiful for Christmas or year round.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper

Oil pastels

Liquid watercolors

Sugar & water


Start with a piece of watercolor paper. We cut ours into quarters so that they were postcard size.

The stained glass can be simple.

Use a ruler and a draw straight lines in different directions and angles all over your paper with a black oil pastel.


Or it can be a little fancier by drawing a stained glass design on the paper.

After you draw your design, mix 1 tbsp of sugar with 1/2 a tbsp of hot water and mix until the sugar dissolves.

Brush a thin layer of the sugar mixture over the paper and design. If the paper gets too wet, the colors may run into one another, but that offers a nice effect as well.

Dip a paint brush into a liquid watercolor and touch within a section of the pastel lines and watch the color spread. Some spots will spread better than others.

Touch and tap your brush all around your design using different colors in each section.

Let the paint dry. The paint will be sticky because of the sugar, but it will lose its stickiness in a few days. You can wait a few days or you can brush a layer of Modge Podge over the top to add more gloss and cover the sticky surface.

We love the effect of the sugar water and watercolors, but to keep things even simpler, you can also skip the sugar mixture altogether and just paint your design with watercolors.

I love this one that my daughter made. She loves artist inspired art and wanted to make hers an Andy Warhol style stained glass. Oh my heart!


I love how this one came out. Isn’t it amazing?

These were so much fun to make. We made a bunch more.Pastels & Watercolors Stained Glass art project for kids. Kids arts and crafts. Beautiful for Christmas or year roundThank you as always for stopping by. Please visit our Facebook page as well.



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