Lego Easter Basket

If you have a Lego crazy child like I do, this Lego Easter basket is just what you are looking for this Easter.

My little girl is a huge Lego lover. We have more Legos than we know what to do with.  Her last birthday was even a Lego themed party. When thinking towards Easter and what I wanted to fill her basket with, Legos were the first thing to pop into my mind. Then I thought it might be even more fun to make her a Lego Easter basket, so I played around with her Legos to see what I could come up with.

Lego Easter basket - a great gift idea or Lego build for the kids. Kid's arts and crafts

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Craft Stick Easter Basket

Why buy an Easter basket? If you have craft sticks and a glue gun, you can make your own craft stick Easter basket.

My daughter must be getting just as excited for the spring as I am. She has been laying out picnics on our living room floor for the past couple of weeks. I was impressed when she made herself a picnic basket out of a tissue box and pipe cleaners to carrying her food in. I was very proud of her for being so inventive.

Popsicle Craft Stick Easter Basket Craft - a pretty project that you can make with your kids

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