Lego Easter Basket

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If you have a Lego crazy child like I do, this Lego Easter basket is just what you are looking for this Easter.

My little girl is a huge Lego lover. We have more Legos than we know what to do with.  Her last birthday was even a Lego themed party. When thinking towards Easter and what I wanted to fill her basket with, Legos were the first thing to pop into my mind. Then I thought it might be even more fun to make her a Lego Easter basket, so I played around with her Legos to see what I could come up with.

Lego Easter basket - a great gift idea or Lego build for the kids. Kid's arts and crafts

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The Easter basket was made with standard Legos and was easy to make.  I pieced it together using whatever pieces I could find in our Lego collection, so I apologize for the spotty instructions.

I started by building the base. You can make yours as small or large as you would like. The base was made with two layers of assorted green plates in different sizes. I just pieced together what I could find to form a square, but if you have a 5X5 base plate that would work perfectly.

Around the outer edge of the base I alternated 2×4 bricks in pink and then 2×2 bricks in yellow. You can, of course, use the colors of your own choosing.

Next, I laid down a layer of just pink 2×4 bricks on top of the yellow and pink. On top of that I alternated yellow 2×2 bricks and then purple 2×4.

I continued layering the bricks this way. You can make your basket as tall as you like. I went seven brick layers high.

I added two 2×4 bricks to the center of two opposing sides of the basket. These would act as the bases of the handle.

I stacked 2×2 bricks onto the centers of the handle bases.

I used a combination of plates and bricks to form the handle top and then added it to the stacked bricks to finish off the basket.

We can fill some plastic eggs with more Legos and Lego mini figure characters and put them in her basket instead of  a ton of candy. She will love it.
Lego Easter basket - a great gift idea or Lego build for the kids. Kid's arts and crafts

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