Paper Bag & Washi Tape Easter Basket

Paper Bag & Washi Tape Easter Basket
Paper Bag & Washi Tape Easter Egg Craft For Kids

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My daughter loves to play with tape. We have many decorative rolls of masking tape & washi tape and Mai loves to get her hands on them.

Unfortunately, she likes to tape it to our walls. We needed to find a fun project for her so that she could use that tape in a better place. Easter is on its way & we decided to make some cute little Easter baskets. Our tape would be perfect for creating the weaving pattern.

What you will need:

Brown paper lunch bag

Washi tape or decorative tape

Pipe cleaners


Roll the top of a brown paper bag down.


Tear off a bunch of pieces of tape to make it easier to grab.


Take the pieces of tape & press them onto the bag in a diagonal criss-cross pattern.

IMG_4868 IMG_4872IMG_4876


Twist a few pipe cleaners together to form your handle.


Staple the pipe cleaners to the paper bag.


We stuffed our baskets with Easter grass & then stuffed a few Easter eggs with jelly beans to go into them.



My daughter was very proud of her Easter basket & was pretty excited about the jelly beans too.


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Paper Bag & Washi Tape Kid's Easter Basket Craft

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