Pretty Egg Carton Dresses

            My little girl is indeed a princess at heart. She wears a tutu every day, even over her pajamas.  It is adorable.

Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables.

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Last week, we were playing around with egg carton pieces & we came up with the perfect craft for our little princess.

Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables

We used 5 egg carton pieces for each dress. We started by snipping 3 egg carton pieces for the dress tiers.


We painted all of the egg carton pieces in the colors of our choice. My daughter wanted a silver & purple princess dress.




We glued each of the snipped pieces one on top of each other. We glued another uncut piece over the top of the tiers. Next, we glued the last piece of egg carton to the top upside down. My daughter has a low temperature glue gun that she loves. She used her glue gun & I used my own.

*Please note that the tip on a low temperature glue gun still gets hot & burns may occur, so use caution & your best judgment as to whether your child is able to operate.*



My daughter glued a large gem stone to the front of the dress for a pretty little accent. She then added pom poms to the top of her dress to form puffy sleeves. I made a strapless dress & one with spaghetti straps.


Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables

When my little one finished with her dress, she gave it a clay head to finish it off.  We loved how our dresses came out & they were so fun to make.


Egg Carton Princess Dresses. Kid's arts & crafts

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Design Your Own Princess Dress

Design Your Own Pricess Dress Activity - With 4 free dress cut-out patterns

A couple of weeks ago, Mai & I made a footed pajama craft together.

Footed pajama craft

She had so much fun decorating her own footie pajamas & kept making me cut out more. She did not forget about the fun that she had that night. This week she asked me if we could make our own princess dresses. I made a few different princess dress designs & cut them out for her to decorate.

Click on the links below for dress cut-out templates.

Princess Dress 1

Princess Dress 2

Princess Dress 3

Princess Dress 4

I cut the dresses out on different colored construction paper & put them in a pile and let her choose which ones she wanted. We put out markers, crayons, ribbon, pom poms, yarn, buttons, cupcake liners, glitter and glue for decorating & embellishing.

IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2258

We cut out print outs of my daughter’s head and glued them to pieces of construction paper & she glued the dresses on them . She wanted to draw her own head on some of them too.

IMG_2301IMG_2298 IMG_2291IMG_2294

I have to be honest, I think I had almost as much fun making these as she did. It turns out that big girls love princess dresses too.


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Design your own princess dress with markers, glitter, pom pom & ribbon. Free printable cut outs