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Egg Carton Building Blocks

Egg Carton building blocks for kids - Engineering & STEM activities - kid's arts, crafts, learning & activities with recyclables

In our last post, I told you about my daughter’s new-found love for the Pyramids. She recently saw a documentary on them & now wants to know everything about them. We went to the library & bought some books & over the weekend we made a pyramid craft. I thought it might be fun for us to stack a pyramid, so yesterday we painted some egg carton pieces & used them to build colorful pyramids.

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Pretty Egg Carton Dresses

            My little girl is indeed a princess at heart. She wears a tutu every day, even over her pajamas.  It is adorable.

Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables.

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Last week, we were playing around with egg carton pieces & we came up with the perfect craft for our little princess.

Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables

We used 5 egg carton pieces for each dress. We started by snipping 3 egg carton pieces for the dress tiers.


We painted all of the egg carton pieces in the colors of our choice. My daughter wanted a silver & purple princess dress.




We glued each of the snipped pieces one on top of each other. We glued another uncut piece over the top of the tiers. Next, we glued the last piece of egg carton to the top upside down. My daughter has a low temperature glue gun that she loves. She used her glue gun & I used my own.

*Please note that the tip on a low temperature glue gun still gets hot & burns may occur, so use caution & your best judgment as to whether your child is able to operate.*



My daughter glued a large gem stone to the front of the dress for a pretty little accent. She then added pom poms to the top of her dress to form puffy sleeves. I made a strapless dress & one with spaghetti straps.


Egg carton princess dress craft - arts and crafts for kids with recyclables

When my little one finished with her dress, she gave it a clay head to finish it off.  We loved how our dresses came out & they were so fun to make.


Egg Carton Princess Dresses. Kid's arts & crafts

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Egg Carton Cars

Simple Egg Carton Car craft for kids. Easy arts & crafts with recyclables

My daughter has the most magnificent imagination. It is fascinating to watch her play. She loves to build villages & towns with her blocks & she picks up random odds and ends around the house often to incorporate into her pretend worlds.

We painted some egg carton pieces & toilet paper roll earlier this week to keep for future crafts. We started playing with the painted pieces & we thought of a great craft that she could use later for her pretend play.


We made these simple egg carton cars. All you need is buttons for the wheels & some foam pieces or construction paper for the windows and headlights. Use a Sharpie to draw in the doors.

Simple Egg Carton Car craft for kids. Easy arts & crafts with recyclables..

Simple Egg Carton Car craft for kids. Easy arts & crafts with recyclables.

These were quick and easy to make and made a fine addition to my daughter’s block city. “Look mama, I parked all the cars in the parking lot.”


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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-O-Lantern Crafts

Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall autumn & Halloween Crafts & activities.

My picky daughter has recently discovered that she loved eggs. She like them in every form, scrambled, fried & hard-boiled.  This is great news to me, as my husband & I love them too. We just finished an extra-large carton of eggs. Normally, I would store the egg carton away to use for craft projects at a later date, but since we are moving I can no longer hoard things away. What does that mean to us? That means last night we made a lot of egg carton crafts.

We decided that we were going to make pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns, so we cut up our carton & painted each piece in orange & then let them dry.


For our first craft, we cut a stem & leaf out of construction paper.


We glued them down to another piece of paper. We took 7 carton pieces & glued them around each other to form a circle.



Here was Mai’s finished project. Don’t forget that each child’s abilities are different in crafting.


Mommy went a little further & made her project into a jack-o-lantern. We used construction paper for the face.


Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall & Halloween Crafts & activities.

Next we made more jack-o-lanterns.

Glue two painted carton section to each other.


Cut out and glue a stem to the top.


Fold a pipe cleaner in half & curl the ends to form vines. Glue construction paper leaves to the end.


You may leave these as pumpkins or cut out small face pieces out of black construction paper.

Egg Carton Jack-o-lantern craft - kid's fall & Halloween crafts

Our last craft was a pumpkin patch.

We cut out a corn-stalk & glued it to the paper.


Glue the carton pieces around the stalk.


Draw in the stems, vines & leaves.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch Craft. Halloween & fall kid's crafts

We used up every bit of egg carton & made a ton of cute and fun crafts.

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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-o-Lantern Crafts

Egg Carton Eye Mask Craft

Egg Carton Eye Mask Craft


We have been packing up our house this month to prepare it for being put on the market. We only have a couple of weeks left to get our house ready, so we have to clear as much of the clutter as possible. I have had to pick & choose which craft materials I can store & which I can’t live without. Mai & I have a large collection of recyclables which include tissue boxes, paper towel rolls & more empty egg cartons than I know what to do with. Since I do not want to pack all of them, but cannot bring myself to throw them away, we decided to use some of them last night.

Egg Carton Eye Masks

This is a fun craft with many possibilities.

What you will need:

Empty egg carton

Acrylic paint

Cake pop or popsicle sticks


Optional: glitter, ribbon, googly eyes, jewels etc..



Cut out 2 connected pieces of egg carton leaving a small amount of the outer lip of the carton as shown.


Flip the section of carton over & clip away the bump on the lip to form a small triangular opening.

IMG_4646 IMG_4643

Cut the centers out of each carton section. Push your finger through the holes to smooth out jagged edges.


Paint the sticks & let dry.


Paint your egg carton pieces.


Shake glitter onto your wet paint & let dry.


Add any other embellishments of your choosing. We glued googly eyes to one of our designs.


Mai loved her new sparkly eye masks.


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