ink blot

Paint Blot Fall Trees

It’s happening again. My favorite time of year is coming and with it all those vibrant fall colors. These paint blot fall trees highlight my favorite thing about fall, the trees. This is a bright and colorful project that is quick and easy, is great for all ages and only requires a few items.

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Ink Blot Artwork

Ink Blot artwork craft & activity for kids


When my daughter was much younger I was very curious about how her little mind worked. I was & still am fascinated with how the world looks through her eyes. Quite a while back we did an ink blot experiment on her. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on the abstract. Over a year later we are bringing the ink blots back with a kick. The idea was to make the ink blots, have her tell me what she sees & turn the pictures into her visions.

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