Paint Blot Fall Trees

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It’s happening again. My favorite time of year is coming and with it all those vibrant fall colors. These paint blot fall trees highlight my favorite thing about fall, the trees. This is a bright and colorful project that is quick and easy, is great for all ages and only requires a few items.

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What you will need:

White paper

Acrylic paints in fall colors


Optional: Sharpie

Let’s get started

For this project, you can start by drawing in your own bare tree using Sharpies or you can take advantage of our free printable.

Lay out newspaper because this can get messy. Take your tree trunk drawing or printable and fold it in half the long way.

Now it is time to add the paint. We did this using two different methods. One, we squeezed drops of paint directly onto the paper. You only need a few drops of each color. Try to keep the paint drops away from the edges of the paper to avoid too much overspill.

Next, you just want to refold your paper following the same initial fold.

Move your hand around the paper in a circular motion to smooth out the paper and to spread the paint around. Some paint may seep out around the edges. Just wipe it away with a paper towel and then unfold your paper to reveal your paint blot tree.

Experiment with the colors & the positioning of your drops and see all the different paint blot fall tree designs that you can make. Another option is…

…to use a paint brush to dab the dots around your paper instead of to squeeze it directly out. This is a neater and more controlled option. Of course, in our house we are “the messier the better” and prefer the squeezing method. The choice is up to you and your kiddos. Enjoy!

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