Button Color Match Turkey Craft

Color Matching Button turkey craft and activity for Thanksgiving. Kid's arts and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

We have been packing in a lot of fall fun & activities lately. We visited a corn maze recently.


In the maze there was a series of questions at each checkpoint in the maze leading to the maze’s end. All of the questions were about turkeys. My daughter was excited every time we found a checkpoint. We asked her a question and would try to figure it out all together. She thought it was especially funny when she found out that the red thing dangling from its neck was called a wattle. She still found it funny last night when we made a turkey craft.

Our turkey craft matched up colorful buttons with the coordinating feathers.

What you will need:

Construction paper:



Googly eyes


Cut out shapes for the turkey feathers out of construction paper & then glue onto another piece of paper.


Cut out a shape for the turkey’s body.


Cut out the turkey’s feet & beak & glue them onto the turkey. Cut out the wattle (still funny) & glue it to the neck.


Glue the turkey body over the feathers & add a pair of googly eyes.

Sort out the colored buttons that coordinate with the turkey feathers.


Have your child glue the buttons onto its coordinating color.


IMG_9045 IMG_9042

Our turkey came out adorable, wattle & all. I can’t wait for more turkey crafts.

Color Matching Button turkey craft and activity for Thanksgiving. Kid's arts and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

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Sorting Game For Toddlers

IMG_20140316_010654149 (1)I know that there are mixed feelings about children and electronics. I think that they can be a great learning tool, but in moderation. Our daughter has a Nabi Tablet. It has been a wonderful tool in promoting learning for our daughter. She can access her ABC Mouse Learning Center from there and there are also a lot of learning apps that we selected for her. As I said, I think that is a fabulous tool to educate my daughter, but I also don’t want her parked in front of it for hours on end. I thought I could bring one of her favorite lessons to life.

There is one application that has an assortment of objects and a row of baskets that represents a category that each of these objects falls into. She loves this one & is starting to get pretty good at it. I decided to use this idea to create a similar game that she could play sorting various pictures & matching them to their coordinating category.

What you will need:

Paper bowls or another bowl shaped container

Old magazines or computer print-outs of clip art





Figure out what categories you would like to use. I chose animals, clothing, toys, food & transportation.

Flip through old magazines and cut out various pictures.


Cut out pictures that fit your various categories.


Put your pictures in a container.


Make a sign for your category with picture examples of the category. Glue it to the inside of the bowl.


Line up your sorting bowls & spread out the picture cutouts in front of them.


Match up your pictures to the appropriate bowl. Here we have a dog, cat & horse matched up to the animal sorter.


Hmm…Where does this go?


Right there..right there


My daughter loves anything that has pictures that she can sort through. She named off all of the cut outs and we sorted through them together. She did the best on her own with the animals and the food. I love this activity. It is cheap & easy to make and it is something we can do together or she can play with on her own.

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