Paint Scraped Turkey Craft

Gobble gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is a month away. If you are looking for a simple and fun Thanksgiving craft that you can do with the kids, here you go. This paint scraped turkey craft is as easy as it comes and only takes about 10 minutes to make.

Paint scraped turkey craft - fun and easy kid's arts and craft idea for Thanksgiving.

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Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft

Cupcake Liner Turkey - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

I swore to myself that I was done with turkey crafts, but I could not resist doing just on more. My daughter wanted to make a craft out of cupcake liners and by craft she meant she wanted to cut them all up with her safety scissors. I had a different idea in mind for the wrappers.

Cupcake Liner Turkey

Paint a paper bowl brown & let it dry.


Cut a peanut like shape out of brown construction paper. Glue on googly eyes & cut a beak & wattle out of construction paper and glue those on as well.

IMG_0700 IMG_0701

Flip the bowl over & glue different colored cupcake liners that are folded in half to the back of the bowl. Fan them out half way around the bowl.


Flip the bowl back over & let the glue dry.


Cut out feet & glue them to the bottom of the bowl. Glue the body to the front of the bowl & you are finished.

Cupcake Liner Turkey - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

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Puzzle Piece Turkey Craft

Puzzle piece recyclable turkey craft - Thanksgiving and fall arts and crafts for kids - preschoolers.

It has been a hectic of couple of weeks. Between moving out of our house, the construction on our new house not being finished, our daughter starting preschool & just the regular everyday stuff, I have barely had a moment to think. We have had to slow down on our regular craft routine because we have limited supplies with almost all of our home still in storage.

This morning before school, Mai asked if we could do a craft. I promised her that we would when we got home. With Thanksgiving nearing, we decided to make another turkey craft and dug through our supplies to see what was available. The first bag we came across had some old puzzle pieces in it & that is what we decided to use.

What you will need:

Old puzzle pieces


Construction paper

Googly eyes




Paint your puzzle pieces in the color of your choice.

Mai wanted purple, I chose red & Ashley chose to mix her colors.



Ashley was so excited, she painted almost the whole bag of puzzle pieces.


After you are done painting them. Let them dry.

Cut the turkey’s body out of brown construction paper. Also cut out a beak & feet.


Glue the body onto a piece of paper. Glue on googly eyes, the beak & feet.



When your puzzle pieces are dry, glue them around the body to form the feathers. Draw in the wattle using a red marker.

Mai made her whole turkey by herself.

Puzzle piece turkey craft

I did the bodies for me & a tired little Ashley.

Puzzle piece Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. Puzzle piece Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids

This was a quick and easy craft

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Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

I am often asked about the emphasis I put on arts & crafts in our home. I get teased by friends and family about the abundance of craft supplies & projects all over the house. I get poked at that I must have too much time on my hands. I know that some do not understand it, but art is a huge part of my life & something that I am happy that I can share with my daughter. There are many reasons that I craft with her, but the main one is the great talks that we have while working on our projects together. I love watching what she can do & I love watching her creativity blossom, but mostly I love our bonding time. The best conversations we have are during these times. Last night was no different. She dug through my craft bin & pulled out Popsicle sticks and asked if we could paint them. I of course, said yes.

Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving - kid's crafts and activities. Preschoolers, toddlers

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Acorn & Nature Crafts


Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. With the weather getting cooler everyday, I wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every second of the outdoors as we could before the cold weather hits. We went for a walk to look at the foliage, we flew a kite & cleaned up our yard. The leaves have begun to fall & so have the acorns. Our yard is covered in acorns. My daughter helped me gather up the acorns. We filled up her Hello Kitty bag with them. Now what we were going to do with them all?

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Button Color Match Turkey Craft

Color Matching Button turkey craft and activity for Thanksgiving. Kid's arts and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

We have been packing in a lot of fall fun & activities lately. We visited a corn maze recently.


In the maze there was a series of questions at each checkpoint in the maze leading to the maze’s end. All of the questions were about turkeys. My daughter was excited every time we found a checkpoint. We asked her a question and would try to figure it out all together. She thought it was especially funny when she found out that the red thing dangling from its neck was called a wattle. She still found it funny last night when we made a turkey craft.

Our turkey craft matched up colorful buttons with the coordinating feathers.

What you will need:

Construction paper:



Googly eyes


Cut out shapes for the turkey feathers out of construction paper & then glue onto another piece of paper.


Cut out a shape for the turkey’s body.


Cut out the turkey’s feet & beak & glue them onto the turkey. Cut out the wattle (still funny) & glue it to the neck.


Glue the turkey body over the feathers & add a pair of googly eyes.

Sort out the colored buttons that coordinate with the turkey feathers.


Have your child glue the buttons onto its coordinating color.


IMG_9045 IMG_9042

Our turkey came out adorable, wattle & all. I can’t wait for more turkey crafts.

Color Matching Button turkey craft and activity for Thanksgiving. Kid's arts and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

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