Footprint Animal Crafts From A – Z Featuring O, P & Q

Footprint crafts from A - Z featuring o,p & q

We have been having a great time working on our footprint animals. I am excited to finish all of them from A-Z. They will make a lovely addition to our daughter’s new playroom in our new house. Our latest crafts are O for octopus, P for panda & Q for quail. Because of her new-found obsession with the movie ‘Home’, we made one bonus footprint craft inspired by the movie.

O is for octopus

Paint your child’s foot purple.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Paint the octopus’ tentacles on & dab on two circles for the eyes. Draw in facial details with a magic marker.


Outline the underside of the tentacles in white. Let the paint dry.


Paint in eyeballs & dab on the suction cups.

Footprint Octopus Craft - Footprint Crafts A - Z O is for Octopus

P is for panda

Paint your child’s foot in mostly white. Paint the toes & around the sides of the foot, avoiding the heel, in black.


Dab on circles of black for the eyes. Let dry & then dab on a circle of white. Paint in the ears, nose & mouth.


Paint in small arms & add bamboo to finish off your craft.

Footprint Panda - Footprint Crafts A - Z P is for Panda

Q is for quail

Paint your child’s foot in a few different colors as shown & press into a piece of paper.


Paint in the tail feathers, the top plume & dot on an eye. Paint a “c” shape in to define the face.


Add a beak & feet. Dot on an eyeball & add details for the feathers.

Footprint Quail - Footprint Crafts A - Z Q is for Quail

As promised, we also did a bonus footprint this week. Mai is just in love with the movie ‘Home’. We made a footprint craft inspired by the movie.

Home Inspired Footprint Craft - Oh the alien

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Paper Plate Octopus

Paper Plate Octopus


Tonight Miss Mai asked if we could make an octopus project. Since I never say no to craft time, I of course said yes. We decided that we would make our craft out of paper plates. I gathered all of our supplies. We went to our favorite craft spot in the kitchen to get started, but then she changed her mind & decided she wanted to draw her octopus instead. Her picture came out great & immediately went up on the fridge, but this left me with all the fixings for an octopus.


Since I had all of the supplies out, I made our craft by myself.

This is a cute & easy craft for kids of all ages.


What you will need:

Paper Plate

Foam or Construction Paper


Googly Eyes




Paint your plate in the color of your choice for your octopus. Paint some oval shapes to the top third of the plate.


Layer two pieces of foam or construction paper on top of each other & cut out 4 different shapes for octopus tentacles. This will give you 4 sets with 8 tentacles total.


Dot on suction cups to the bottom of your tentacles.


Glue your tentacles in place below the paper plate.


Add googly eyes & draw in a mouth. Let your craft dry. What a cute little guy!


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Paper Plate Octopus