Footprint Fiffer Feffer Feff

My daughter has the gift of rhyme. Her Nana has become lovingly referred to as Nana Banana and I am affectionately known as Mama Drama. Maybe she inherits this from the poet in me or perhaps she gets it from her love for Dr. Seuss.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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  Her favorite Dr. Seuss books over the past couple of weeks have been ‘The Lorax’ and ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ , but her constant favorite is Dr. Seuss’ ABC book. She knows this one by heart and can read it over & over again and her favorite Seuss creature in it is the Fiffer Feffer Feff.

I have been doing footprint crafts with my daughter’s feet since she was a newborn. I have keepsake after keepsake of her adorable little feet, which my daughter refers to as her stinky feet crafts”  Sometimes she even paints mine and and makes crafts out of my feet.


Last night, we made a stinky foot craft of her favorite Dr. Seuss character to put in her reading area.

We dipped her foot in orange paint & pressed it onto a green background because that is how it is in the book.

IMG_5563  IMG_5564 

We painted in the furry collar & hands with yellow paint.


We drew in the face & added spiky hair to the sides & top of his head and finished it off by gluing 4 feathers to the top of his head.

Kids Footprint craft inspired by Fiffer Feffer Feff from Dr. Seuss ABC book

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A Partridge In A Pear Tree Craft

A Partridge In A Pear Tree Footprint Craft for Christmas

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This week has been a fun holiday filled week. We snuggled up every night & watched a different Christmas movie and yesterday went to the library to pick out holiday books. When we got home we read our new books and listened to Christmas carols.

We got to listen to one of my favorite carols, which is ‘the 12 Days of Christmas’ This is a holiday song my daughter doesn’t know very well yet. She listened to me sing & asked “What’s a partridge?” I told her it was a bird. “I can make that” she told me. I asked her if she wanted to make the partridge & the pear tree. She did, of course.

Since we are still living with our little friend Ashley while our house is in the final stages of construction, Ashley joined us for holiday crafts.

As I told you before, my daughter is very into cutting these days. She will take every opportunity that she can to use her scissors. She wanted to make the pear trees out of cut paper, so she cut green & red construction paper into little pieces, while Ashley & I tore some.

IMG_2392 IMG_2391

I cut out trunks for everyone out of brown construction paper & I cut out a big blue circle as a back drop & a guide for placing the pieces of paper.


I gave the kids glue sticks & let them glue away.

IMG_2395 IMG_2410


I cut out small pear shapes for them as well & they added them to their trees. They drew their own partridges with markers.

IMG_2415 IMG_2418

For my tree, I decided that I was going to make a footprint partridge.

I painted both girl’s feet in blue & pressed them onto a piece of paper.


I proceeded to turn them both into partridges.


I cut around the partridges & added them to my trees.

A partridge in a pear tree footprint craft for CHristmas

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Footprint Elf On The Shelf

Footprint Elf On the Shelf - A cute keepsake for the kids for Christmas - holiday arts and crafts

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It is that time of year again. It is time to break out the Christmas decorations, send out your Christmas cards and put on your favorite carols. It is also time to bring that sneaky little elf out of hiding. We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year when we thought Mai was old enough to enjoy him. This year unfortunately, poor little Koontz (the name Mai picked for him) is locked away in storage waiting for our house to be finished.

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Footprint Gumball Machine & Starry Night

Footprint Gumball Machine Craft - kids foot art

It is no secret that I love footprint crafts. My latest footprint crafts have been inspired by famous works of art. Last night, I felt inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I was ready to start our Starry night project and then passed by this gumball machine at the house we are staying at during our home build.


This sparked a whole new inspiration.

Footprint Gumball Craft

Paint the heel in white & the rest of the foot in red. Press in onto a piece of paper.


Paint the gumball machine top with red & silver paint.


Paint the dial & gumball door on with the silver & add details with black.


Have your child dip their little finger into different colored paint and press into the white to make the gumballs. Cute, quick & easy!

Footprint gumball machine

After my detour, I went back to my main event.

Footprint Starry Night

I painted my daughter’s foot in black & then pressed it onto a piece of blue paper.



I used a Sharpie to draw in the rest of the curvy black structure depicted by the foot .


I used the Sharpie again to draw in the village at the bottom of the scene.


I quickly painted the drawing. It didn’t need to be perfect.


Next I painted in the mountains.


And then began adding in the stars & swirls in the sky.


I cannot wait to decorate our new home with all of our new works of art.

Footprint Starry Night - a work of art out of a child's foot

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Gingerbread Men Crafts

Footprint gingerbread man craft - cute little Christmas keepsake of your children's feet

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“Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread Man.”

I know it is early & we have not even had Halloween yet, but always around this time of year my mind starts wandering to gingerbread. Why, you might ask? Because every year, I start getting ready to construct my annual holiday gingerbread house. Since it is usually a time consuming project, I typically start in the beginning of November.

Here is a gingerbread version of our old house from a few Christmases ago.


This year has been hectic with moving out of our house & waiting for the construction on our new home to finish. With all of this going on, a gingerbread house is not in the cards, but that can’t stop us from making some gingerbread crafts.


We are staying with relatives during our construction. We just so happen to be sharing a roof with a little girl, a little younger than Mai, who also enjoys crafts as much as we do. Last night the three of us worked on a couple simple crafts together.

Build a gingerbread man

This was a quick & easy craft for both children. The skill level will be different depending on age. I did this craft with a 2 & 3 year old.

What you will need:

Construction paper (brown & white)

Googly eyes


Pom poms

Glue sticks or school glue

Magic marker


Draw & cut out a few gingerbread man shapes.


Cut wavy lines out of white construction paper for the icing for the arms & legs. Put those, googly eyes, buttons & pom poms on a plate to be used for decoration.


Give your child or children some glue & let them go…




Here was Mai’s original craft. She then decided that she wanted to draw in a tutu, ballet shoes and some hair as well.

Build a Gingerbread man craft for kids. Cute & easy for Christmas Gingerbread Man Christmas craft for kids

Our other tiny crafter did a great job on hers as well.


And of course, mommy did one as well. I stole the rosy cheek idea from my daughter.

Gingerbread Christmas Craft for kids

They both did great on their crafts, but before we picked up we squeezed in one more.

Footprint Gingerbread Men

I painted both children’s cute little tootsies in brown paint & pressed them onto a piece of paper one at a time.


I dipped a finger into the same paint & formed the arms on either side of each foot. With white paint, I added the icing to the arms & across the bottom of the feet.


We finished them off by drawing in the face, bow & buttons using magic marker. This will make a lovely holiday keepsake & a great memory for the kids of this time that they are sharing together.


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‘What Pet Should I Get’ Inspired Footprint Crafts

What Pet SHould I Get Inspired Footprint Crafts - Dr. Seuss crafts

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My daughter loves books. She can not read yet, but she does know most of her books by heart. She can just as easily recite them to me, as have me read them to her. She has quite a long list of favorites & many of those favorites are Dr. Seuss books. When I heard that they discovered & released a new Dr. Seuss book I was so excited. I ordered one right away.

The day that I received it, I waited until my daughter’s bedtime before reading it. It did not disappoint.  Mai adored it just as she did with the books before it. That evening she made me read it 3 times.

We had been doing a lot of footprint crafts lately. We made animals from A – Z, some Halloween inspired feet & we experimented with famous works of art. We have made so many that I have started seeing feet everywhere. As I was reading Jay & Kay’s adventures in the pet store to my daughter for the 100th time the other night, I actually started seeing some of the creatures as footprint art in my head. I might have a problem.

I think you already know where I am going with this. Here are a few footprint crafts inspired by the book.

Seuss Inspired Cat

I painted my daughter’s foot in yellow & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I used the same paint to paint in a tail & ears & the added a red bow around its neck. I dabbed on two spots of white for the eyes & then let everything dry. I used a Sharpie to draw in the lines for the details.

IMG_0240IMG_0244This footprint cat craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Dog

These are all pretty similarly made. The same as above, I painted my daughter’s foot in brown & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a tail & his snout. I dabbed on one eye & painted in a collar. I let it dry and then drew in the finishing details.

IMG_0246This footprint dog craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Bird

I painted my daughter’s heel in yellow and the rest of her foot in green & then pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a beak with the yellow & head feathers in green. I let it dry & drew in the rest of the details.

IMG_0236IMG_0245This footprint bird craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

From what I understand there are plans to release more books from this collection of works that they have found. I cannot wait.

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Haunted House Crafts

Haunted House Shape Craft - Halloween Crafts for kids

I love doing crafts with my daughter. It is always fun to see what she can do. One of my favorite crafts to do with her is shape crafts. I love to watch what she will construct and listen to her tell the stories about what she just made. Last night we took some of those shapes & used them to form haunted houses. Here’s how…

Cut out a bunch of shapes as shown. You will need two shapes for your house base & tower, two triangles for your roofs & two rectangles for chimneys. Cut small squares & rectangles out of yellow paper for the windows.


Glue your house base in place.



Glue on your roof. Draw a cross in the middle of your yellow squares to form the windows & then glue them in place as well.


Glue your tower next to your house & add the chimneys.



Cut out a circle to form a moon & glue it in place. Add googly eyes to finish off your haunted houses.

IMG_8670 Haunted House Shape Craft - Halloween Crafts for kids

These houses came out so cute that it inspired one more haunted house craft.

Footprint Haunted House

Paint your child’s foot in all black. Stamp it onto a piece of paper & let it dry.


Paint a door & windows in with yellow.


Use white paint to add details to your house.


Paint in a roof or draw one in with marker.


Paint or draw in bats, a tree & extra details to finish off your haunted little foot.

Footprint haunted house craft - Halloween crafts for kids

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A-Z Footprint Animal Crafts

Footprint Animal Crafts from A-Z

We love footprint crafts in our house. About 6 weeks ago we embarked on a journey through footprint animals crafts from A – Z. The intent is to make a collage of all of the animal footprints from A – Z & hang them in our daughter’s new playroom in our new home. It was a fun project. I hope you enjoy it too. Click on the links or pictures below to view the tutorials.

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