Daddy Long Legs Spider Craft

Daddy Long Legs Spider Craft

I know that I have told you all before, but my daughter has a love for the creepy crawlies. She likes snakes & all sorts of insects. She especially loves spiders. I am not sure what the fascination is. Perhaps it is because her favorite book is Miss Spider’s Tea Party. We read it every night. Our house is filled with drawings of spiders. The spider on the left is Miss Spider.


Yesterday while doing yard work, I saw a daddy-long-legs climbing up the side of our house.


When I told my daughter, she came running. “Look at that big daddy spider. Where is the mama?” She studied that spider. “Pick me up. I want to get closer.”

When we went back into the house, we made a quick craft in honor of our new little friend. We still have a bin full of plastic Easter eggs, so we used them for the spider’s body. We used pipe cleaners for the legs. We used 4 for each spider.


Use a hot glue gun to glue the legs to the bottom of the egg. (Adults should operate the glue gun.) Add googly eyes & draw in a smile with a Sharpie.

Daddy Long Legs Craft  IMG_3966

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Plastic Easter Egg Floating Fish

PLastic Easter Egg Floating Fish


It has been 2 months since Easter & I still have a pile of plastic Easter eggs filling up my craft drawers. We have used them many times in water play in the past. I thought we could dress them up a bit and make colorful fish out of them.


Plastic Egg Fish


What you will need:

Plastic Easter eggs

Foam sheets

Glue gun – As always use caution when operating. Adults should operate.

Googly eyes


Directions: Glue the plastic eggs together. Be careful when using hot glue on plastic as it can melt easily. Do not let the gun get too hot.


Cut pieces out of the foam for the different fins.


Squeeze a bead of glue onto the end of the back fin. Let the glue cool for a few seconds & add to the fatter part of the egg.



Add the top fin & googly eyes.

IMG_3049 IMG_3050

Add the side fins to each side of the egg.

Mai took these into the bath this evening & loved them.

“Mama, can I take a bath with them again tomorrow?”

“Of course!”



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Soda Bottle Hour Glass

Soda Bottle Hour Glass


A couple of weeks ago I made boats for my daughter out of the bottom of old plastic soda bottles. I saved the tops of the cut up bottles & wanted to use them for something or throw them out. Since you know that I hate throwing anything out, I had to make something quick.

Soda Bottle Hour Glass

What you will need:

2 plastic soda bottles (Whatever size that you choose) We used 20 oz bottles



Food Coloring

Hot glue or Crazy Glue




Cut the top off of 2 old plastic soda bottles. Remove the caps. Rinse out the insides & dry well.


Cut 2 squares out of cardboard large enough to fit over the wide part of the bottle.


Paint your squares & let dry.


Glue the 2 mouths of the bottles together.


Color your rice with food coloring & let it dry on wax paper.


Glue the wide end of one of the bottles to a cardboard square. If using hot glue, be careful as you can easily melt the plastic. Squeeze out the glue onto the rim before it is too hot .


Fill the bottles with the colored rice.


Glue the 2nd cardboard square to the top. Let the glue dry & then you are ready to play.




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