Soda Bottle Hour Glass

Soda Bottle Hour Glass


A couple of weeks ago I made boats for my daughter out of the bottom of old plastic soda bottles. I saved the tops of the cut up bottles & wanted to use them for something or throw them out. Since you know that I hate throwing anything out, I had to make something quick.

Soda Bottle Hour Glass

What you will need:

2 plastic soda bottles (Whatever size that you choose) We used 20 oz bottles



Food Coloring

Hot glue or Crazy Glue




Cut the top off of 2 old plastic soda bottles. Remove the caps. Rinse out the insides & dry well.


Cut 2 squares out of cardboard large enough to fit over the wide part of the bottle.


Paint your squares & let dry.


Glue the 2 mouths of the bottles together.


Color your rice with food coloring & let it dry on wax paper.


Glue the wide end of one of the bottles to a cardboard square. If using hot glue, be careful as you can easily melt the plastic. Squeeze out the glue onto the rim before it is too hot .


Fill the bottles with the colored rice.


Glue the 2nd cardboard square to the top. Let the glue dry & then you are ready to play.




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