Pasta Shell Snails

Pasta Shell Snails

Our daughter is becoming quite the artist. She has been drawing & painting up a storm. One of her favorite things to draw is a snail. She loves to draw them. She makes a swirling circle for a body, antennae with eyes & she never forgets to add his snail slime.


We have been making a lot of crafts lately to celebrate her new found love for the snail. Tonight we used mommy’s favorite crafting material, pasta shells.

What you will need:

Jumbo pasta shells

Ziti for the antennae

Elbow macaroni for the tail

A medium sized shell for the head

Chick peas for the eyes

Glue gun

Acrylic paint


You may choose to paint the pieces first or assemble the pieces & then paint. We typically paint first. Tonight we did both.


To assemble, start by gluing the small shell into the larger one.


Glue 2 pieces of ziti on top of the jumbo shell. Hold into place until the glue hardens.


Glue the elbow macaroni to the empty end of the shell so that the macaroni is pointing up.IMG_0594

Paint the chickpeas white with a black center for the eyes. Glue to the top of the ziti.


Paint swirls on the side of the snail bodies in a different color to complete your creatures.

Pasta Shell Snails


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Snail Crafts

Paper bowl & plate snail craft for kids - great spring craft


Slow & steady wins the race.

We had a fun & busy weekend. It was my husband’s weekend off so we were able to enjoy one of our rare family weekends together. We took Mai to an animal fair that was in town for a few days. Mai dressed the part to go play with the farm animals.



She ran from animal to animal & was overjoyed about all of the rides & other activities that the fair had to offer. She had a ton of fun, but wore out mommy & daddy. After a few hours we returned home. Still wired from her fun day, her energy did not wane. Unfortunately for her, mommy’s did. We played super heroes for an hour, but then my super powers started to fail. It was time to slow things down a bit. Quiet time in our house is a great time for crafts.

Egg Carton Snails

What you will need:

Empty clean egg carton


Pipe cleaners



Googly eyes



Cut your egg carton into individual cups.

IMG_9111 IMG_9110

Have your child paint the cups in colors of their choice. Let dry.IMG_9115

With a marker, draw a spiral on the side of the egg carton cup.IMG_9117

Twist & bend a pipe cleaner to form a pointy tail on one end & a head with antennae of the other.IMG_9123

Glue the pipe cleaners in place under the cup. Add googly eyes to the antennae.IMG_9131

Egg carton snail craft for the spring - cute crafts for kids


Paper Bowl Snail

What you will need:

Paper bowls


Construction paper

Pipe Cleaners



Googly eyes



Let your child paint the bowl however they like. Let it dry.


Cut out a shape for the snail body & glue it underneath.


With a marker, draw a spiral in the middle of the bowl. Add pipe cleaners to the top of the head & googly eyes for the face.



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