Pasta Crafts

20 Pasta Crafts For Kids

20 Pasta Crafts

I am sure that it is no surprise to my readers that I love pasta crafts. They are my favorite. As I have told you before, I have more pasta boxes set aside for crafting than I do for cooking. Here are 20 fun pasta crafts that you can do with your kids.

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Pasta Shell Footballs

Pasta Shell Football Craft

Next week starts football pre-season. While I don’t actually care for football (see my post ‘A Football Widow’s Rant’), my husband does & so does my daughter. She watched her first game at only one week old. I am not actually sure if it is the game that she enjoys or the fact that she gets to cuddle up with her father & eat chips & dip.


With football season quickly approaching, I thought that a football craft was essential.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of making pasta crafts. I especially love working with jumbo shells. They were perfect for what I had in mind.

Pasta Shell Footballs

This is an easy & quick craft. All you will need is jumbo pasta shells & brown & white paint.


Paint the jumbo pasta shells in brown & let them dry.


Use a skinny paint brush to paint white lines on the shells & give the appearance of a football.




Let your little footballs dry.

I thought Mai did a great job on her football. She painted in her lines very carefully.

Pasta Shell football craft for kids

I painted a football field for our tiny pasta footballs to sit on. Mai wanted to make pasta football players too. Maybe another day little girl.

Football Pasta Shell Craft

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Pasta Ants & Pasta Tree Crafts

Pasta Ant Crafts

My daughter likes to play different characters on a daily basis. Some days she is her favorite cartoon characters, such as Joy from ‘Inside Out’ or Elsa from ‘Frozen’, but most days she like to pretend that she is different baby animals. For the past few days we have been a whole family of ants. She even insisted that she had to wear a black tutu because ants wear black tutus of course. When our post dinner craft time came, it only made sense that baby ant & mama ant made some pasta ants to join our little ant family.

Hot glue 3 pasta shells together side by side as shown. (Adults should operate glue gun)


Glue pasta elbows to the sides to form legs.


Add a couple of short strands of spaghetti to the head for antennae.


Paint your little pasta ants in your favorite ant color. Let it dry.


Add googly eyes to finish off your ants.

Pasta Ant Crafts

Mai set aside a bowl of food for her ants. They were very hungry.


She continued to paint shells & told me that she was making leaves to cover her ant babies. That lead us into craft #2. We painted a handful of shells in green. We let them dry.


Since it was so late we went to bed & picked up our craft the next day. I cut a tree trunk out of construction paper & glued it to a piece of paper. I gave my daughter the shells & some glue and let her fill up her tree.


She scattered her shells all around the branches & then set her project aside to let dry.

Pasta Shell Tree Craft

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Wiggly Pasta Snakes

Wiggly Pasta Snakes

My daughter loves creepy crawly creatures. Yesterday, we had a family photo shoot with a photographer in a nearby field. There was a snake slithering through the field where our photos were being taken. While the rest of us tried our best to avoid the snake, my daughter went towards it. “I want to see the snake.” “I like snakes”, she told the photographer. She does like snakes… a lot.

If you have a child that likes snakes as much as mine does, here is a fun craft & fine motor skill activity.

Wiggly Pasta Snakes

String & alternate ziti & ditalini pasta onto a pipe cleaner. Leave about an inch off on each side.


String on about 6 ditalini to the tail end. Use hot glue to secure on the end. (Hot glue should be used by an adult.)


Glue a pasta shell to the other end for the head.


Paint your snake & let it dry.


Cut a tongue out of foam or construction paper & glue it to the shell.


Add googly eyes to complete your snake.


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Patriotic Wind Chimes


We are getting ready for the Fourth of July & are already feeling patriotic in our house.


We have been enjoying making our red, white & blue crafts and learning a little bit about the holiday as we go. We have already made a few for the inside of our house, today we decided to make a craft for the outside as well.

Patriotic Pasta Wind Chimes

Color your pasta by shaking in a baggie with red & then white paints or food coloring. Lay in a single layer on wax paper to dry.


Poke holes into a paper bowl.


Paint the bowl blue & let dry.


Cut stars out of white foam.


Glue around the bowl making sure not to cover the holes.


Pull yarn or string through your holes.


Gather the string on the top & tie off.


String the colored pasta onto the yarn that is under the bowl. This is a great fine motor skill activity for your child. Knot at the bottom once you reach your desired length. Use hot glue to secure the knot in place so that it doesn’t unravel. (Hot glue should be operated by an adult)


Hang it outside & enjoy.


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Dinosaurs Crafts

Footprint T-Rex - tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur craft


Our daughter loves to character play. Almost daily she takes on a new role to play & she likes to assign roles to us as well. For the past two days she has been a baby T-Rex. She has been roaming around the house roaring & stomping her little dinosaur feet. I decided to use those little dinosaur feet to make a T-Rex craft for our baby tyrannosaurus.

I painted her foot in 2 different shades of green & added a few black spot to her feet.


We pressed it onto a sheet of white paper & let it dry.


I drew in the tail, arms, legs, jaw, eye & teeth to form our dinosaur.

Footprint T-Rex - tyranosaurus rex craft

When we were done, she wanted to make another craft. “More dinosaurs!” It has been a while since we made a pasta craft. She wanted to make them out of pasta shells. We made a stegosaurus with our pasta.

We started with rigatoni for the legs. I used a glue gun to glue two pieces of rigatoni together for each pair of legs. (Adults should operate the glue gun.)


Choose a jumbo shell with well folded in edges on both sides.


Glue both sets of legs to the bottom of the shell.


Glue a medium size shell into one end of the jumbo shell.


Glue a piece of ziti into the opposite opening on the jumbo shell.


Add a bead of hot glue down the spine & add the elbow macaroni to form the spines.


Let the kids paint them in the colors of their choice & then let dry.


Add googly eyes to finish off your cute little dinosaurs.

Pasta Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft

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Pasta Shell Fish Craft

Pasta Shell Fish Crafts - cute summer arts & crafts project for kids.


I am beginning to think that there is nothing that cannot be made out of pasta shells. Because my daughter loves working with them just as much as I do, we are back with another round of pasta crafts. Tonight, our craft of choice is fish.

What you will need:

Jumbo pasta shells

Medium pasta shells

Bowtie pasta

Chick peas

Acrylic paint

Glue gun (use caution when operating a glue gun. Not recommended for small children.)



To assemble your fish, glue a medium pasta shell into the end of the jumbo shell.IMG_0595

Glue 2 more medium shells to the side of the jumbo shell to form fins.


Glue a piece of bowtie pasta to the other end of the jumbo shell to form the back fin.IMG_0599

Paint your fish with acrylic paints.


Paint a chick pea in white for each fish that you are creating.


Add a black dot in the center for the eye ball.


Glue the eyes to the painted fish to finish off the craft.

Pasta Shell Fish Crafts - cute summer arts & crafts project for kids.

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Pasta Shell Snails

Pasta Shell Snails

Our daughter is becoming quite the artist. She has been drawing & painting up a storm. One of her favorite things to draw is a snail. She loves to draw them. She makes a swirling circle for a body, antennae with eyes & she never forgets to add his snail slime.


We have been making a lot of crafts lately to celebrate her new found love for the snail. Tonight we used mommy’s favorite crafting material, pasta shells.

What you will need:

Jumbo pasta shells

Ziti for the antennae

Elbow macaroni for the tail

A medium sized shell for the head

Chick peas for the eyes

Glue gun

Acrylic paint


You may choose to paint the pieces first or assemble the pieces & then paint. We typically paint first. Tonight we did both.


To assemble, start by gluing the small shell into the larger one.


Glue 2 pieces of ziti on top of the jumbo shell. Hold into place until the glue hardens.


Glue the elbow macaroni to the empty end of the shell so that the macaroni is pointing up.IMG_0594

Paint the chickpeas white with a black center for the eyes. Glue to the top of the ziti.


Paint swirls on the side of the snail bodies in a different color to complete your creatures.

Pasta Shell Snails


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