Bleeding Tissue Paper Butterflies

Summer is only a few short weeks away and our yard is already starting to fill up with the flutter of butterfly wings. Today, we were lucky enough to get to study one resting in our garden. My daughter loves them. She was so excited about seeing that beautiful little butterfly that she wanted to make one later that day. We love working with bleeding tissue. I don’t know if it is the excitement of getting to tear the tissue paper into little pieces or if it is using the squirt bottle that my daughter likes more. Either way, the process is a fun one. Bleeding tissue paper butterflies with a free printable template. Paint with tissue paper. Kid's spring and summer arts and crafts

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Marshmallow Stamped Bumble Bees

This spring craft is as easy as A, Bee, C.

Marshmallows are a soft and sweet treat. We always have a bag or two in our house. They are great for making s’mores and for adding to hot chocolate. That much is true, but we also discovered a while ago that they are fun for painting with as well. With the spring here, the bumble bees have been buzzing around our yard and they also inspired our latest marshmallow stamped craft.marshmallow paint stamped bumble bees - easy spring and summer arts and crafts for kids

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Spring and Summer Fan Craft

These hand fans are an easy and lovely craft for the spring and summer.

We made pretty Asian style hand fans for the Lunar New Year a few months back. They were such a big hit and so much fun to make that we wanted to make more for the spring and summer. I love these fans. They are simple to make and the kids will enjoy decorating them with their own designs.

Paper plate fans for the spring and summer. These hand fans are a simple arts and craft project that is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages.

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Nature and Watercolors

Nature and watercolors combine to make a beautiful and fun piece of process art.

With the warmer weather here, we have been playing outdoors a lot more. All of this outdoor play means our nature boxes are filling up with great supplies for art projects and crafts. We gather and collect nature items all of the time and set them aside in boxes. It is fun to find different shaped leaves, rocks and cool looking plants. My five year old loves to glue nature items to paper to make collages. That is where we found inspiration for this nature and watercolors project.Nature and watercolor paints art collage for kids. A pretty and fun piece of process art for the preschoolers and kids. This is a great spring and summer arts and craft project

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Yarn Wrapped Bumble Bee Craft

We just discovered that we have a hive of bees living in our porch. Every day for the past few weeks, the bees have been buzzing around our heads as we are outside playing.
Yarn Wrapped bumble bee craft for the kids. a cute spring or summer craft & a great fine motor activity as well

There was one that lingered on our porch a few days ago & my daughter and I wanted to investigate a little. We watched it for a while as it rubbed its legs together and sat on our step.

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Outdoor Ice Play

Painting ice is perfect fot a hot summer's day - painted ice flower kid's arts & crafts

I don’t know how the weather has been where you are, but the past few days here have been hot, like really hot. I love the outdoors, but am not a fan of the heat. We made some simple sidewalk paint out of cornstarch & water & were eager to play with it. Because of the heat, I packed a big bowl of ice just to help keep us cool. It turned out that that giant bowl of ice turned into a day of icy fun. I took a few cubes out & put my bare feet on top of them to keep cool, but my daughter grabbed some cubes out of the bowl & started creating.

IMG_6300 (1)

She formed a flower with some ice cubes & then grabbed our sidewalk paint and painted the cubes. She was very excited about how pretty her flower was. I grabbed a couple of leaves & a stem to finish it off. She loved it.


Painting ice is perfect fot a hot summer's day - painted ice flower kid's arts & crafts .

She continued to form designs with the cubes. She dipped the cubes in the paint, she painted them with her brush & we even had ice cubes races to see which colored cubes would melt the farthest.

IMG_8375 IMG_8383IMG_8380


We went through many bowls of ice cubes. Since my daughter loves vinegar & baking soda, we added some into the mix & made icy baking soda eruptions.


Vinegar & baking soda volcanoes on ice. Fun & messy outdoor science play for kids

After we used up our last bowl of ice & all of our baking soda, we finally used our paints for a few sidewalk designs.

IMG_8378 IMG_6320

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Painting ice is perfect fot a hot summer's day - painted ice flower kid's arts & crafts