Paper Plate Bird Crafts

Paper Plate Bird Crafts


It has been a tough couple of weeks in our house. Our daughter was sick last week & this week I have been battling one heck of a head cold. That means that my daughter & I were house bound yesterday. She wanted to play hide & seek, but mommy didn’t quite have the energy for it. Instead we spent the whole day doing my two favorite things, crafting and napping.

Mai wanted to make a bird, so we stuck with a whole bird theme & paper plates.

Paper Plate Bird

Mai wanted an orange bird, so we made two orange birds for her. I gave her paint & let her work her magic. After the paint dried, we used construction paper to make the wings, eyes & beak.

IMG_0066 IMG_0045

Paper Plate Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird Craft

“Mommy look, a tropical bird!”


Paper Plate Owl

I have a great love for owls, so mommy made one special for herself. I cut out a bunch of feather shapes in yellow, black & brown.

IMG_0027 IMG_0039

Layer the feathers around the plate & glue in place.


Add wings on both sides.


Cut out & place the beak.


Cut out two different sized large circles for the eyes.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

Add googly eyes & top feathers



Paper Plate Owl


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