Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Heart Art

Hearts, hearts, hearts, my daughter love hearts. She doodles them and cuts them out of construction paper all of the time. With her love for hearts, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for my little love bug.

Mixed media heart shaped love birds for Valentine's Day. Watercolor, acrylic paint and construction paper and markers.

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We have been dabbling a lot with mixed media art. My daughter and I love doing these projects together. I had an idea to make a set of love birds using heart shapes. 

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Button Toucan

Button Toucan craft with free printable template- arts & crafts for kids , birds

Button crafts are so much fun. My daughter loves them & I love them too. My daughter just got a new shirt for the summer with a colorful toucan on the front. This has quickly become her favorite shirt. Her toucan shirt became the inspiration for our latest button craft.

I drew out a toucan & cut the body out of black foam. Attached is a free printable for your convenience.

Toucan Printable

I glued the black foam onto the drawing.


I glued one large googly eye to the head & used orange marker to draw in the legs.

Button Toucan craft - arts & crafts for kids , birds.

I glued brightly colored buttons in different sizes and shapes onto the beak. I used large buttons on the bottom & layered them with smaller buttons to define the lines.

This is a fun craft for the little kids, big kids or adults alike.

Button Toucan craft with free printable template- arts & crafts for kids , birds

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Paper Bowl Nature Nest Craft

This is a fun & easy nature craft for your kids. Glue items found in nature into a paper bowl

It has been gorgeous weekend. My daughter & I spent most of our morning yesterday playing outdoors. The leaves have already begun to turn & the acorns have fallen. Mai ran around the yard gathering them both into piles. She added in some sticks and rocks as well.



We used paper bowls to collect & separate them in. This gave me an idea. We could glue the items into our bowls & make nests.

This is a simple craft that all ages groups should enjoy.

Squeeze a liberal amount of glue all around the inside of your bowl. Lay leaves, grass, sticks, bark etc.. into the bowl. (Use caution when gathering your items. Stay clear of poison ivy, thorn bushes & insect infested areas)



Add more glue in between layers to hold everything together.

IMG_7335 IMG_7331

To make your rock bird, paint the rock in the color of your choice & glue on foam or construction paper wings, feet & beak. Add googly eyes.


Mai did not want a bird in her nest. She only wanted acorns.


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Paper Bowl Nature Nest Craft


Paper Plate Bird Crafts

Paper Plate Bird Crafts


It has been a tough couple of weeks in our house. Our daughter was sick last week & this week I have been battling one heck of a head cold. That means that my daughter & I were house bound yesterday. She wanted to play hide & seek, but mommy didn’t quite have the energy for it. Instead we spent the whole day doing my two favorite things, crafting and napping.

Mai wanted to make a bird, so we stuck with a whole bird theme & paper plates.

Paper Plate Bird

Mai wanted an orange bird, so we made two orange birds for her. I gave her paint & let her work her magic. After the paint dried, we used construction paper to make the wings, eyes & beak.

IMG_0066 IMG_0045

Paper Plate Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird Craft

“Mommy look, a tropical bird!”


Paper Plate Owl

I have a great love for owls, so mommy made one special for herself. I cut out a bunch of feather shapes in yellow, black & brown.

IMG_0027 IMG_0039

Layer the feathers around the plate & glue in place.


Add wings on both sides.


Cut out & place the beak.


Cut out two different sized large circles for the eyes.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

Add googly eyes & top feathers



Paper Plate Owl


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