Painted Owl Art

I am kind of what you could call an owl fanatic. I have loved them since I was a little girl. My house is covered in owl knickknacks and I even have an owl tattoo. Now that’s love. These painted owl art projects are actually inspired by one of my favorite owl knickknacks. This is a great one for the kiddos. We love how they came out. Each one is so different and unique in design.

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Paper Roll Spinning Owl

I love it when we make one craft, that inspires another one. A couple of weeks ago, we made fun dancing skeletons out of paper rolls. My daughter could not get enough of them. We were playing with them this week and making them dance and flip, when all of a sudden, our skeletons started doing flips on their own. We had wound the string on them so tightly that when we pulled the string to straighten it out, the skeletons spun around clumsily on their own. It reminded me of the paper spinners from my childhood. We were so excited, we couldn’t wait to play around with this idea more.
Paper roll spinning owl craft - Use a recycled paper towel or toilet paper roll to make these adorable spinners. Arts and crafts for kids. with recyclables.

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Standing Paper Owl Crafts

Where are my fellow owl lovers? I know that I am not alone. I know that you are out there. If you adore them as much as I do, you will love these cute standing paper owls. They are a perfect craft for the fall and they are so easy to make. A free printable template is also included for your convenience.Standing paper owl craft with free printable template. Fall arts and crafts for kids - construction paper

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Yarn Art With Watercolors

These yarn art pieces are inspired by the book ‘Art & Max’.

We love finding inspiration for arts and craft projects from the books that we read. One of our new favorites is Art & Max(affiliate link). It is a wonderful book about two lizards. One is an artist and the other is an aspiring artist. When Arthur (Art) suggests that Max paint him, things quickly get colorful and then begin to slowly unravel. The lines and the colors in the book inspired these yarn art creations.
Inspired by the book 'Art & Max'. Yarn art and watercolor painting. Arts and crafts projects for kids.

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Paper Plate Owl Suncatcher

paper plate owl silhouette suncatcher - tissue paper arts crafts - fall and autumn and halloween projects

I adore owls. I have since I was a little girl. My home is filled with owl knicks knacks and wall hangings. My daughter inherited her mother’s love. Her favorite blanket just happens to be a beautiful owl blanket that a sweet friend made for her for my baby shower.

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Owl Shaped Breakfast

My daughter is a sweet girl most of the time, but mealtimes in our house are & have been a battle for quite some time. She is a very picky eater & mealtimes in our house are often very stressful. Over the years, I have found fun & creative ways to try to get her to eat. I have tried it all from reading to her while she eats to bite sized meals to fun food art.

Owl shaped breakfast - sunnyside up egg eyes, toast, cheese & bacon - creative food ideas for the kids

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Acorn & Nature Crafts


Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. With the weather getting cooler everyday, I wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every second of the outdoors as we could before the cold weather hits. We went for a walk to look at the foliage, we flew a kite & cleaned up our yard. The leaves have begun to fall & so have the acorns. Our yard is covered in acorns. My daughter helped me gather up the acorns. We filled up her Hello Kitty bag with them. Now what we were going to do with them all?

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Paper Plate Bird Crafts

Paper Plate Bird Crafts


It has been a tough couple of weeks in our house. Our daughter was sick last week & this week I have been battling one heck of a head cold. That means that my daughter & I were house bound yesterday. She wanted to play hide & seek, but mommy didn’t quite have the energy for it. Instead we spent the whole day doing my two favorite things, crafting and napping.

Mai wanted to make a bird, so we stuck with a whole bird theme & paper plates.

Paper Plate Bird

Mai wanted an orange bird, so we made two orange birds for her. I gave her paint & let her work her magic. After the paint dried, we used construction paper to make the wings, eyes & beak.

IMG_0066 IMG_0045

Paper Plate Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird

Paper Plate Tropical Bird Craft

“Mommy look, a tropical bird!”


Paper Plate Owl

I have a great love for owls, so mommy made one special for herself. I cut out a bunch of feather shapes in yellow, black & brown.

IMG_0027 IMG_0039

Layer the feathers around the plate & glue in place.


Add wings on both sides.


Cut out & place the beak.


Cut out two different sized large circles for the eyes.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

Add googly eyes & top feathers



Paper Plate Owl


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Spice Up Your Art. Herb & Spice Art.


I come from a family with a creative gene. When I was a little girl, my grandmother’s house was covered with drawings and paintings that she collected from my aunts and uncles over the years. One of the most interesting pieces was a landscape that my aunt Melanie had made. It was crafted out of different oats and grains. I always found it fascinating.
This weekend, I was cleaning out our spice cabinet. It is shocking how old some of the spices are in our home. I have been wanting to toss them for a while, but my husband hates throwing anything out. He doesn’t like to waste. All these herbs & spices brought to mind my aunt’s artwork. Instead of throwing them out, I thought we would experiment a little.

I started with a sturdy piece of scrapbook paper & drew out my design. I chose an owl because I love owls. In small sections, I outlined my drawing in glue. For smaller details, I used a toothpick to spread the glue. I shook out the spice and shook the paper lightly to spread the spice out until it covered the glue completely. The excess was poured onto a paper plate to use later. I continued to work in small sections, using dark spices for dark sections & lighter ones for light sections. Allow the glue to dry in between changing spices.

Herbs & spices used in my picture:

Pepper,garlic salt,oregano,paprika,parsley,bay leaves,celery salt & ground cloves



I hope you enjoyed our spice art.

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