Mommy’s night out

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As much as I love being a mother, it can be exhausting & sometimes overwhelming. It is not very often that I get a night to myself to unwind, so when my husband offered to watch our daughter for the night, so that I could get a night out with the girls, I jumped at the chance.
It had been a while since I have been away from my family other than going to work. I was looking forward to it all week. Then when the day finally arrived, I found myself feeling guilty for going out. As my work day was ending, I was second guessing my decision to go out with my friends.
I haven’t seen my daughter all day

I have to wake up with her in the morning

What if daddy feeds her Doritos for supper?

These are the things that went through my head. As much as I always complain that I need a break, the truth is the second I leave my family, I miss them. Despite all these excuses, I pulled myself together and went out with a couple of other mommies, for a girl’s night out.

My girlfriend Maura has a knack for finding fun and original things to do. She found a spot called ‘Brush it off’. It is a group painting session, where they serve beer & wine. I might never leave.

They give you a subject to paint & take you through a step by step process to achieve a great piece of DIY artwork. Our subject was the Ferber daisy.

When you arrive, they have you put on your apron & gather your paint & brushes.


Don’t forget to grab your drink. I made mine a Shipyard Pumpkin Ale.


They took us step by step through each part of the flower. The instructions were detailed but simple.






After two hours of painting, a few drinks & some laughs. My masterpiece was done.




It was a fun night with good friends . All of us, off duty mommies had a great time & don’t all of us moms deserve that once in a while.

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  1. Beautiful painting! I wonder if we have any place like that here in the pacific NW.. Hmm. I always feel the same way when I go out and so something on my own (ahem, kid free) but ultimately I know doing things for myself makes me a better wife and parent πŸ™‚ glad you got out and enjoyed yourself!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad too. I have to try to get out more without the little one. My husband & I don’t do much without her. It’s good for us to catch a date every now & then, too.

  2. Wow. That is really cool. I’m always so ready for a night too then as soon as I leave I feel guilty and miss them. But we do need to give ourselves a night out with our spouses and our girlfriends every once in a while. Found you on the Meandering Monday log hop. I’m following on Google Plus. Looking forward to reading more in 2014.

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