Q-Tip Daisy Craft

These Q-tip daisies are an adorable craft and are great for fine motor skills.

Cotton swabs are not just for your ears. We use them in art projects often. They are great to paint with. They are fun to craft with as well. We used bare Q-tips to make these simple daisies for the spring, but you could also dip the Q-tips in paint and create other colorful flower creations.
Q-tip Cotton swap daisies. Flower arts and crafts for kids. Great for summer or spring.

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Matching Daisies


If you are a regular reader, you know that I had a night out with the ladies, a couple of nights ago. We went to a paint & drink workshop. It was a ton of fun & also is my inspiration for today’s post. I am not going to lie to you. I was pretty proud of my art work from the painting workshop. This is a funny thing to say, considering everyone’s painting looked the exact same but I just loved the finished product.


I was looking for a place to hang it in our home & didn’t know where I wanted it. I have been in the process of turning a hallway in our home into an art hallway for Mai, as now she has been doing so many artsy projects with mommy. This made me think. Hmmmm.. Maybe, mommy & Mai could have matching artwork to display in hallway. It was a simple enough design, but how would I get my 22 month old daughter to be able to duplicate my daisy? Here goes our experiment.

Get the desired size canvas for your project. Draw the subject that you are painting on the canvas.


Use masking tape to tape the areas of your drawing that you would like to remain unpainted. For the daisy, I taped the outlines around the petals & the background. Mix paints to desired colors.

As you know, I am partial to Cool Whip paints.



Change them into their painting clothes.

This is Mai’s painting shirt. Let your toddler paint. Mai prefers using the brush to paint these days other than finger painting. What a big girl.messy-play/



Mommy had to help a little. Paint the sides of the canvas, so that there is no white spots when you hang it.


Blot lightly if there are large clumps of excess paint.


Remove tape & reveal your toddler’s masterpiece. Sign with your child’s name & age.


Hang to display your matching artwork.



Mommy’s night out


As much as I love being a mother, it can be exhausting & sometimes overwhelming. It is not very often that I get a night to myself to unwind, so when my husband offered to watch our daughter for the night, so that I could get a night out with the girls, I jumped at the chance.
It had been a while since I have been away from my family other than going to work. I was looking forward to it all week. Then when the day finally arrived, I found myself feeling guilty for going out. As my work day was ending, I was second guessing my decision to go out with my friends.
I haven’t seen my daughter all day

I have to wake up with her in the morning

What if daddy feeds her Doritos for supper?

These are the things that went through my head. As much as I always complain that I need a break, the truth is the second I leave my family, I miss them. Despite all these excuses, I pulled myself together and went out with a couple of other mommies, for a girl’s night out.

My girlfriend Maura has a knack for finding fun and original things to do. She found a spot called ‘Brush it off’. It is a group painting session, where they serve beer & wine. I might never leave.

They give you a subject to paint & take you through a step by step process to achieve a great piece of DIY artwork. Our subject was the Ferber daisy.

When you arrive, they have you put on your apron & gather your paint & brushes.


Don’t forget to grab your drink. I made mine a Shipyard Pumpkin Ale.


They took us step by step through each part of the flower. The instructions were detailed but simple.






After two hours of painting, a few drinks & some laughs. My masterpiece was done.




It was a fun night with good friends . All of us, off duty mommies had a great time & don’t all of us moms deserve that once in a while.

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