When Mommy’s No Longer the Favorite

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There is a sad & growing reality in our house. My daughter is rapidly becoming a daddy’s little girl.

I know that I should not be jealous. It is an inevitable occurrence with little girls all around the world, but the truth is, it does sting a little bit. Gone are the days of happy squeals when mommy comes to take you out of the crib. The squeals are now replaced with pleas for “Dada”. In the past, it was your mother’s arms that offered comfort during times of distress. Today, your cries are hugged away in daddy’s strong arms.


I am the mommy. I carried you, all 8 lbs 14 ounces of you, in my belly for 9 months. I went through 24 hours of labor, with 4 botched epidurals & an unfortunate experience with an emergency c-section, that still makes me shudder when I think about it. I nursed you, changed you, bathed you & went sleepless for months. Where was your want for your daddy during this time?

It is not enough that you are the spitting image of him, now he has almost overnight taken the place of mommy as the favorite parent. Is it because he gives you Skittles & ice cream?

I had a good run though. For 21 months, you were every bit the epitome of a mommy’s girl.


Even though it was tiring being the one constantly in demand, it warmed my heart to know that I was so needed & loved.

I suppose that it is not the worst thing in the world, though. There are some perks to Mai being a daddy’s girl.

 She calls for him now when she wakes up in the middle of the night & mommy gets to be the one who rolls over & falls back to sleep.

 More diaper changes for daddy

 Meltdowns are now directed toward daddy

Most importantly, it’s the moments like these…





At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t matter if I am the favorite, because the two of them are my favorite. Just remember to send some of that love mommy’s way too.

Do you have a daddy’s girl/boy or a mama’s girl/boy? Please share your stories with us. We love to hear them.

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32 comments on “When Mommy’s No Longer the Favorite

  1. Awwh, I’m not a mom yet, I can somehow say that I’m more of a daddy’s girl. I’m sorry about that, but don’t worry, you love your girl so much and I’m sure that she knows that too. She’ll forever be a mommy’s girl. 🙂

  2. ha! More diapers for daddy, so true! BOTH of my girls are Daddy’s girls, but sometimes when they’re sick (or HUNGRY or NEED something) they’ll still ask for Mommy 🙂 But as soon as Daddy gets home from work every day? STAMPEDE to the front door, and they’re on him like flies on a rib roast for a good 10 minutes. Though that is the only real “break” I get until they’re in bed!

    1. When daddy’s not around, we are best friends. I get kicked to the curb for daddy all the time. He’s the yes daddy though. He is a pushover and she already knows it.

  3. Well our daughter is a tween so right now NEATER of us are at the top og daughter list and I habe to say my Son was a mama’s boy for the longest time but now that he’s older him and Daddy have more in common–namely gaming which is JUST FINE WITH ME =)

    1. Oh boy! I am not looking forward to the tweens & teens. I remember fighting like cats & dogs with my mom. As I was older we had a great relationship but my teen years were not so good. I wish I could have a do-over. Sorry mama.

  4. hugs, I can relate. We have 5 kids and now the baby who is 8 months is mama’s girl but I know a time will come when it will not be the case. Enjoy those moments, spend some time alone with her and soak it all in! Time flies!

    1. Thanks. She was a mama’s girl for the first 20 months or so but now it is all daddy. When we are alone, she is loving & cuddly with me. We play together & cook but as soon as my husband walks through the door, it is Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

  5. my oldest was on the daddy channel as we call it for a lONG time. it balances out again i PROMISE you. at least for a while. then she starts hitting 6…7… talking back and being fresh and scares that daddy. then she’s 8 and informs you BOTH you are the worst parents EVER! int he history of ever!

    but in the meantime, she’s daddy’s girl. and maybe it means YOU get a little more time to do things for mommy!!

  6. Children go through an eb and flow of who is their favorite. Usually with my boys, who ever punished last, the other is the favorite. So its pretty equal. But I still get up at night regardless since I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. So I’m still the midnight comforter and my little Braidy is pretty good at giving equal hugs. He’ll cuddle with daddy for a bit, get down off his lap, then come sit with me. I think it stung more with my first son when I was pregnant and not feeling well. My son felt I wasn’t myself and only wanted daddy. It felt awful. But now he’s four and still occasionally asks for snuggles. Soon you will be her favorite again! 😉

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