Sometimes Mommies Cry


Motherhood is riddled with a wide range of emotions. From the day that your child is born, you are overcome with feelings like you have never felt before. You have never loved so much, laughed so much, feared so much or felt so happy. As much joy as your children bring into your life there are days that can bring you to tears.

 When our daughter was first born, I cried a lot. I cried from exhaustion, confusion & from the endlessly overwhelming feelings of uncertainty that I felt. I didn’t think that I was doing anything right. I could not get my daughter to sleep or stop crying. I was certain that I was going to be a failure at motherhood. Time went on and those tears dried up. Things got easier. As our daughter grew so did my love. Not that I didn’t love her before mind you, but watching her develop into a person with her own personality and mind was magnificent. It was nice getting to meet my daughter.

This week I found those tears again. This time is was not from the exhaustion or uncertainty is was from a wounded heart. It first began over the weekend. Mai reached for her toy guitar in one of her toy bins. She was having a difficult time pulling it out as it was stuck on the lip of the shelf. I walked over to her and asked…

“Do you need Mama’s help?”

“NO! Daddy do it!”

“Mai, Daddy is resting. Mama can get it for you.”

“NO! No Mama! It’s Daddy’s turn.”

When I pulled out the guitar to hand it to her, she threw herself on the ground sobbing and kept asking for Daddy.

This was just one of many incidents similar to this that occurred over the past few days. With every diaper change or bath or bedtime story, my daughter cried and said that she wanted Daddy to do it. I felt as if I was just picked last in gym class, dumped at the prom & lied to by best friend all in the same day. I felt a sad little pit planting itself into my stomach. I tried to tell myself that she was just going through a Daddy phase this week. Lord knows that she has done the same thing to my husband, but this did not bring me any comfort. Tonight after Daddy gave her a bath & got her ready for bed, he had to leave for work. I tucked her in to read her a bedtime story. She pleaded and sobbed & asked for Daddy. I opened the book and started reading through her protests. As I read, she cried. I could feel my own eyes filling up with tears. After a few sentences she finally calmed down, snuggled in and listened. She looked up at me and smiled and said “Mama, one more book.” Of course, my baby. After she fell asleep, I drowned my hurt feelings in a bowl of frozen yogurt. Looks like mama might have to grow some thicker skin before the teenage years hit. I better buy some more yogurt.





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  1. I could relate on so many levels from the early days when we first had Emma and nothing I could do was right to stop her from crying and screaming from colic to just two nights ago, when Lily stood by our front door hysterical crying for Kevin when he had to go out in the evening for the first soccer club board meeting of the year (he is not only a coach for Emma’s team, but the assistant commissioner, too). She finally did calm down, but then for over 2 hours both girls wouldn’t go to bed until he was home, because they wanted good night kisses from him. Yup, I need some thicker skin, too here, as well!!

  2. We went through that one and it hurt. But of course it did pass, and now there are days I wish and pray they ask for daddy and not me. Today I cried for the exact opposite reason, cause that can also be overwhelming. To have to be there all the time and do everything for them. All. The. Time. I’ll be having some wine tonight.

  3. I can totally relate to this! Thanks for posting…this is exactly why I love blogging. Motherhood (and Fatherhood) can be so emotional on so many different levels. Hang in there, Mama! You’re doing a great job!! 🙂 -Marie

  4. My daughter went through such a phase for a really long time, I even forgot how she liked her things done once I was let back in, but I tried to enjoy the break, Lord knows I needed it, try enjoy the break too it wont be long till shes back wanting mommy

  5. They do that, my schedule changed and we switched who put my little girl to bed. She still insists that I cuddle with her and gets upset if I don’t, but she’s starting to accept that her dad reads to her although she still will ask me if I’m in the room.

  6. How little children’s minds think we’ll probably never understand. One way one minute and something totally different the next. It’s nice that you can share with others about this and hopefully find some comfort knowing you’re not alone! hugs….

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