‘Inside Out’ Inspired Memory Balls

This Memory Ball Ornament is inspired by the movie 'Inside Out' A simple and easy craft to make for your kids with their favorite photo memories!

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After a long week of work, I so look forward to the weekends & spending much-needed time together as a family. Last weekend, we went candlepin bowling with our little girl, our friends and their daughter. We let our little ladies have their own lane & they bowled their little hearts out.


The kids had a ton of fun. The girls were pretending that the small balls were memory balls from their mutual favorite movie, ‘Inside Out’. They were so cute looking at their bowling balls & pretending they could see their core memories. If you have not yet seen the movie, it is a wonderful film that will definitely pull at your heartstrings and give some laughs as well.

All of the pretend memory ball play inspired me to make my little one some memory balls of her own.

This Memory Ball Ornament is inspired by the movie 'Inside Out' A simple and easy craft to make for your kids with their favorite photo memories.

What you will need:

Fillable clear ornaments

Yellow plastic sheets

Favorite photos

Glue Gun


These were pretty quick and easy to make.

First open the ornament & separate both halves, Use one side as a template & cut 2 photographs. Snip a little additional off of each photo so that the picture circles are just a bit smaller than the ornament. Glue the 2 photo backs to one another.


Cut 2 pieces of yellow plastic in the same size.


Crumple up, fold and bend the yellow plastic.


Use a glue gun to outline the outside of your crumpled circle. Place it inside of one halve. Line it up as close to the outside connecting edge as you can. Do this to both sides.


Add a bead of glue around the edge of the photo circles as well & glue as centered & close to edge as you can without blocking where the two ball edges meet.

This Memory Ball Ornament is inspired by the movie Disney Pixar 'Inside Out' A simple and easy craft to make for your kids with their favorite photo memories.

Click your 2 sides together & add a ribbon or yarn as needed.  My sweet girl adored her new memory balls. She even asked if we could make more memories. My answer, we will always make new memories.

This Memory Ball Ornament is inspired by the movie 'Inside Out' A simple and easy craft to make for your kids with their favorite photo memories.

This Memory Ball Ornament is inspired by the movie 'Inside Out' A simple and easy craft to make for your kids with their favorite photo memories

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Photo Name Frame For Mother’s Day

Photo Name Frame

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We wanted to do something special for my mother-in-law aka Nana for Mother’s Day. Mai & I had some different ideas of crafts we could make for her Nana for Mother’s Day, but then I came across the most fabulous idea on Pinterest. I could not find the original source to credit it, but found it on a greatest gift ideas list from Tips From A Typical Mom.

It was so beautiful, I knew I had to try it.

All you will need is a camera, wooden letters and a frame.

We only needed to buy the “N’ & the “A”. They were in natural wood & only cost a few dollars each. I bought the frame while I was there too.

I told Mai that we were going to make a special project for Nana & she was excited. I gave her the letters & asked her to do a number of different poses for me. She did a great job for her Nana. She hammed it up and lit up the camera with her dimply smile. We took about 50 pictures & picked the best 4 from the bunch.

IMG_2284 IMG_2249 IMG_2214 IMG_2198

I cropped them & changed them to black & white & arranged them in the frame.

The project came out beautifully.


My mother-in-law absolutely loved her gift.

Mother’s Day might be over, but this is a great gift idea for any occasion & you can change the lettering to spell any word that you would like. I have even seen this done holding words instead of letters to spell out a message.

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Why Isn’t Mommy In Any Pictures? (A Letter To My Husband)


My dearest husband,

Do you notice how I am conspicuously missing from the montage of beautiful photos above? The reason that I am missing is of course that I am always the one behind the camera.

It is no secret that I love pictures. Not to be stereotypical, but maybe it is because I am Asian, maybe it is the artist in me that sees the beauty in all art forms or maybe just maybe it is because I love the feeling that I get when I look at a photograph. It takes me back to a different time and place. It brings me back to a moment that has passed and allows me to relive that memory and emotion.

Whatever the reason, I love photographs. I adore the candid joy and laughter on the faces of my loved ones, the look of wonder and excitement when experiencing something new and the sheer love that is seen in the eyes of you & our daughter when you look at each other. The problem is there are seldom any photos like this with mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of posed photos of our daughter trying to escape from me while I shove the camera in your hands and then force out a smile while saying “Baby, say cheese.”

I realize that I will always have my own memories carefully tucked away in my mind and in my heart, but once I get older and my mind starts betraying me, it would be nice to have a token to help jog my memory. With one look I am holding my new baby again in my arms, teaching her how to ride a bike & seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. So my darling, the next time you see a precious moment, please free to pick up the camera because us mommy’s want to be in the pictures too. Tell your friends.

Asian Drumsticks & Family Selfies


When you have a toddler, there are good days & there are bad. Some days, you want to just rip your hair straight from your skull and others like today make you grateful beyond belief.

Our daughter is such a love bug & loves when mommy and daddy are both home together. They don’t happen often, so when they do she takes advantage of it. I was equally as happy to have us all together this evening. Since we were all home for a family dinner tonight, I made one our favorite meals, Asian style drumsticks over rice.

Asian Style Drumsticks


12 drumsticks

1/4 cup of orange juice

1/4 cup of soy sauce (Golden Mountain or Maggi are recommended)

1 tsp honey

1/2 tsp crushed garlic

1/4 tsp powdered ginger

1/4 tsp cayenne powder

Flour for dusting

Pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 450. In a bowl mix orange juice, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, cayenne & honey. Stir well. Dust the chicken with flour lightly & place in a baking dish. Pour marinade over the chicken, turning and coating each piece well. Add pepper to taste. Place them on a foil lined baking sheet. Spoon the marinade over the top of each drumstick. Bake for about 45-50 minutes, flip & move the chicken around in it’s sauce occasionally.

IMG_20140221_184643198 (1)

I like chicken, Mama.

After dinner, Mai wanted the whole family to retire to the couch & sit under the blankets. We were snuggled up so sweetly that I wanted to take a family photo to capture it. I set the camera on the coffee table on self timer & took a photo. What developed from there was a fun filled selfie evening that had all of us smiling. Even Dukey got in on the action & fun.


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When Mommy’s No Longer the Favorite

551828_3984083533764_1519903287_n (1)

There is a sad & growing reality in our house. My daughter is rapidly becoming a daddy’s little girl.

I know that I should not be jealous. It is an inevitable occurrence with little girls all around the world, but the truth is, it does sting a little bit. Gone are the days of happy squeals when mommy comes to take you out of the crib. The squeals are now replaced with pleas for “Dada”. In the past, it was your mother’s arms that offered comfort during times of distress. Today, your cries are hugged away in daddy’s strong arms.


I am the mommy. I carried you, all 8 lbs 14 ounces of you, in my belly for 9 months. I went through 24 hours of labor, with 4 botched epidurals & an unfortunate experience with an emergency c-section, that still makes me shudder when I think about it. I nursed you, changed you, bathed you & went sleepless for months. Where was your want for your daddy during this time?

It is not enough that you are the spitting image of him, now he has almost overnight taken the place of mommy as the favorite parent. Is it because he gives you Skittles & ice cream?

I had a good run though. For 21 months, you were every bit the epitome of a mommy’s girl.


Even though it was tiring being the one constantly in demand, it warmed my heart to know that I was so needed & loved.

I suppose that it is not the worst thing in the world, though. There are some perks to Mai being a daddy’s girl.

 She calls for him now when she wakes up in the middle of the night & mommy gets to be the one who rolls over & falls back to sleep.

 More diaper changes for daddy

 Meltdowns are now directed toward daddy

Most importantly, it’s the moments like these…





At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t matter if I am the favorite, because the two of them are my favorite. Just remember to send some of that love mommy’s way too.

Do you have a daddy’s girl/boy or a mama’s girl/boy? Please share your stories with us. We love to hear them.

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