Why Isn’t Mommy In Any Pictures? (A Letter To My Husband)


My dearest husband,

Do you notice how I am conspicuously missing from the montage of beautiful photos above? The reason that I am missing is of course that I am always the one behind the camera.

It is no secret that I love pictures. Not to be stereotypical, but maybe it is because I am Asian, maybe it is the artist in me that sees the beauty in all art forms or maybe just maybe it is because I love the feeling that I get when I look at a photograph. It takes me back to a different time and place. It brings me back to a moment that has passed and allows me to relive that memory and emotion.

Whatever the reason, I love photographs. I adore the candid joy and laughter on the faces of my loved ones, the look of wonder and excitement when experiencing something new and the sheer love that is seen in the eyes of you & our daughter when you look at each other. The problem is there are seldom any photos like this with mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of posed photos of our daughter trying to escape from me while I shove the camera in your hands and then force out a smile while saying “Baby, say cheese.”

I realize that I will always have my own memories carefully tucked away in my mind and in my heart, but once I get older and my mind starts betraying me, it would be nice to have a token to help jog my memory. With one look I am holding my new baby again in my arms, teaching her how to ride a bike & seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. So my darling, the next time you see a precious moment, please free to pick up the camera because us mommy’s want to be in the pictures too. Tell your friends.

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  1. Do I know this feeling well and my husband is really the trained photographer (believe it or not and even taught photography), but with my blog I am the one always behind the camera now snapping away. I hope that I can get into more pics, too and maybe I should write Kevin a letter like this to remind him 🙂

    1. The funny thing is all the pictures that I take for my blog with my daughter in it I have to take with the self timer on the camera. Whenever I go out with my friends and their kids I always make sure to take plenty of pictures of them with their children because I know that they all have the same issue. Lol.

  2. Haha, I need to send this memo over to my husband as well! I do not want to remembered by a selfie, but it seems the only way. 😉

  3. I am seldom in photos with our kids as well. My husband manages to sneak pictures of me every now and then, usually when I look horrible. When ever I look good, he doesn’t want to take a picture.

  4. So true! My husband always says I’m the “camera happy” one in our relationship, but the times he does try, he can shoot a nice picture 😉
    I have to demand pictures more, I have tons of him and the toddler, but only a handful of me and him (asides from selfies 😉 )

  5. I have the exact same problem. When I finally ask my husband to take a picture he does it lazy and reluctantly holding the camera with one hand. The results are always pants so a waste of time!

  6. This is fantastic. I have the same exact problem. Countless photos of my husband and children, some funny, some touching, some just plain awesome. But where am I? Nowhere to be found!! I think I’ll be passing along this letter along to my guy, too. So thanks for writing it for me 🙂

    1. Lol! No problem. I already knew I wasn’t alone in this one. The letter did its job. This weekend the hubby grabbed the camera and took a few pics of me and out daughter without being asked. Yay! I hope it works for you too.

  7. This is oh so true of our family too…I even ask my husband to take pics of me and the kiddos…his response was to remind him of the times I want the pics taken. Sigh.

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