Pasta Baby Bundles

Pasta Baby Bundles - This would be so cute for a baby shower.April showers bring spring flowers. This spring also is bringing us some baby showers. With my sister-in-law, a good friend of mine & my cousin all expecting at roughly the same times, we will be busy shopping for these new little bundles. Our daughter is very excited to welcome all of the new babies.

I had the first of the baby showers this afternoon. This morning, I told Mai that mommy had to go to a baby shower today & she asked me “What’s a baby shower?” I explained to her that a shower is where you buy gifts for the new baby.


She talked about her auntie’s baby.

Mai: “Cioci Melly’s baby will be my sister.”

Me: “Your Cioci’s baby will be your cousin”, I explained

Mai: “I have an idea. Let’s make pasta babies.”

Me: “Ummm ok!”

As you know my daughter loves to craft & she has been a great source of my inspiration lately. If pasta babies are what she wants to make, than that is what we would do.

What you will need:

For each baby made you will need…

1 Jumbo pasta shell

1 medium sized pasta shell

1 elbow macaroni

Acrylic paint

Glue gun – (adults should glue for safety)

For a girl – 1 bowtie pasta

For a boy – a few pieces of broken spaghetti


You may choose to assemble your babies first or paint the pieces first. It is your choice. We prefer to paint the pieces first & then glue together.

Paint the medium sized shells in a skin tone color.



Paint the jumbo shells in the color of your choice. We went with traditional pink for the girl, blue for boy & neutral green. Paint the elbow in the same colors to match with the jumbo shells. Paint the bow for the girl. Paint the spaghetti strands in a hair color. Let the paint dry.

IMG_0607 IMG_0616

For each baby that you will make, you will place a medium pasta shell under the jumbo shell as shown. Use a small elbow pasta to tuck into the bottom of the shell to just round off the bottom. Glue the bow to the head for a girl. Glue spaghetti pieces for hair for the boy. Paint faces onto the heads. Let dry.




Mai painted these & wanted to make her own faces. She also painted a scoop of ice cream on the little boy’s blue blanket for him.


Pasta Baby Bundles - This would be so cute for a baby shower.

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    1. Thank you, Janine. I was supposed to bring a few to the shower for my girlfriend to. I forgot them at home after rushing around. Oops! Mai was very proud of her little babies.

    1. Thank you very much. She is very crafty and imaginative . I love that we can share in art together. It makes me so happy.

  1. What a fun and simply craft! Love it. Thank you for linking at Snickerdoodle and for the inspiration. Hope to see you again!

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